Round four of the Transition Bikes Southern Enduro series has been confirmed to take place at the Milland venue in West Sussex on the 18th of September 2016 and has a great women-only aspect event.

Adel Tyson-Bloor will be offering support and tutorship for the women racers in both the build-up to the race and on the day. Two training opportunities will be available on the 4th and 21st of August.

Entry will open specifically for women this coming Saturday (16th of July) at 9am HERE

Here’s what Adel had to say:

Are you ready for a full-on fun ride? Are you ready to race the Southern Enduro? Because we are certainly all geared up to make this event a memorable one!

It is that time of the year when you can liberate yourself and let your adventurous side take control and an Enduro is perfect for those female bikers who love excitement and adventure. Ride your way to the most enjoyable of days at the Southern Enduro event on the 18th of September with the support of Cannondale sponsored rider Adel Tyson-Bloor.

Enduro is a one-of-a-kind racing extravaganza where tracks are especially created by cutting through natural terrain. These tracks often remain inaccessible otherwise, which is why it is important for aspiring racers to check out tracks that are challenging as well as unexplored. Adel is relatively new to the off road scene but has completely fallen in love with its friendly, welcoming, all-encompassing nature and, for her, no one does this better than the team behind Transition bikes Southern Enduro Series.

Historically the Transition Bikes Southern Enduro events fill up before you can even say the words but Cannondale Girls have teamed up with Scott, the organiser and he has agreed to offer an early entry date open only to females on the 16th July at 0900hrs, with a reduced entry fee of £30 compared to the normal price of £42.50 and a split category for female riders with categories:

Juniors (14-20 year olds)

Seniors (20-39)

Vets (over 40’s)

Fun (Any age)

The fun category for those ladies new to the sport who just want a day of awesome relaxed riding with friends. Scott also promises that all tracks will be entirely rollable but believe me when I say that does not make them boring!

Enter here: enduro

To make your experience even better and alleviate any concerns or questions you may have about taking part in such an event Adel has offered to answer any questions via her Facebook page leading up to the event and will organise a get together/training day on the 21st August and an evening on the 4th of August for anyone who has entered and would like to ease any nerves before the day to come along and ride with her and some others on some similar terrain to the trails on race day.

Southern Enduro is an amazing opportunity to become an inspiration for other girls by showcasing your biking skills and could serve as a great platform to launch yourself as a fully-fledged enduro racer to progress and compete at national events.

In addition to all of this Adel will be racing the event herself and will be on hand all day to offer support to anyone who requires it. She will meet everyone at sign on and as a group you can practice the trails together in the morning, taking your time to ride to the top and discussing the trails together on the descents. The process is repeated in the afternoon with a very relaxed atmosphere the transitions between stages can be used to chat, eat and laugh as a collective. Things are always done better together.

So, are you the fearless, go-getter type? If yes then the Southern Enduro Race Event is waiting for you, get our entries in on the 16th of July and discover first hand why Enduro is the fastest growing cycling discipline.


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