Top tip for getting more grip and more reliability on your race runs.

Grip – You can run lower tyre pressures without the risk of pitch puncturing your inner tube.

Reliability – Any small thorns that would puncture an inner tube should seal on their own.

Most tyres and rims are now tubeless ready;

this means they are ready to convert to tubeless.

Using this method below you should be able to go tubeless for as little as £12:

  1. Clean the rim and apply tape around the rim to stop the air escaping through the spoke holes. There are many rim tapes on the market but I have found the best and most cost effective is Gorilla Tape I still have the same roll and I have done four sets of wheels with it. Split the tape to the desired width and stretch it around the rim in-between the bead until you have fully cover the inside of the rim. Make sure you over lap the tape by at least 50mm when wrapping it around the rim.  Gorilla Tape £2.30 HERE
  2. Next job is to add a valve, so you have 2 options here
  3. First option grab some old punctured inner tubes (FREE) and cut out the valves using cutter, leave about 5mm of rubber all around the valve.
  4. Second option is by some Tubeless Valve Core available HERE for £9.99
  5. To install the valve pierce a small hole in the tape to line up with the valve hole in the rim, push the valve through the tape and apply the locking ring to the valve. Tighten the locking ring with pliers.
  6. Next up fit the tyre, put one side of the tyre on the rim and 50% of the other side of the tyre no to the other side of the rim. Add Tubeless sealant  (around 60ml) in to the tyre and finish putting the tyre on. Tubeless sealant £7.99 HERE
  7. Pump up the tyre, this can be done with a track pump but a there is a great product call Airshot which is designed to inflate tubeless tyre. You can also make a ghetto version, see how HERE
  8. After the tyre is inflated spin it round and bounce it on the ground a couple of times. This is to move the sealant around the tyre and fill any air gaps, top up the air to 40psi and leave over night.
  9. Top up the air if needed and you will be ready to roll.

Tip: If the tyre is new and won’t seal try leaving a

tube in it for 24 hours and then try to inflate it tubeless.

Hope this has helped and we be giving out some more

Enduro Race Tips in 2017.


Scott Fitzgerald -Southern Enduro 



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