Southern Enduro Champs – Minehead, Exmoor

15th & 16th April 2017: Rider Info


Useful info:

6 stages, 14 miles, 2500ft per day (Saturday practice)

Start of the race is from the race village NOT the top of the hill (This will be somewhere near the open area of the race village). Riders will be set off in groups from the race village, please pick your start groups at sign-on on Saturday. Fell fee to ride in the same groups as your mates. As a general rule slower riders are to go in early groups and faster groups in later groups. Pro Elite category WILL go in the last group.

Riders will be set off a 30sec gaps from the start of stages but if you are riding in a group with your mate and want to go fastest rider first with as smaller gap this if fine.

Wear your helmet at all times when on your bike, both on transitions and stages (repeat offenders will be DQ).

The venue is a private woodland. You can’t ride here outside of event, It will seriously jeopardize future events. On that note Strava on private settings only!!!

Before practice please sign on to collect your number board and timing chip. Your timing chips will the activated at the start of the race in the race village.

Once your chip has been activated do not walk down the stages before the race because you will start your timed run. Likewise once you have cross the line do not go back to the stage finish.


Race Format

The race is a ‘gravity enduro’ style race. The course is split into six separate

timed descents, and the times for each of these descents will be added

together to get the rider’s overall time. Between each descent stage is a

transition stage, these are not timed. The race starts from the main event village and riders will be set off in groups of 12 every 5 minutes. Transitions are not timed.



We are using the Action Sport Timing’s contactless system. This requires that riders collect a timing dongle on Sunday morning BEFORE they start the race. The racers will ride over timing mats at the the start and end of stage to record their time.


Event Schedule

Saturday 15th April


09:00 to 14:00 – Sign on (Collect number boards and Pick start group for race)

09:30 – Start of practice

16:00 – End of practice

Sunday 16th April

08:30 onwards – Collect Timing Chip

09:00 – Group 1 Race Start at Race Village

09:10 to 13:10 – Stage 1 Open for race

09:30 to 13:30 – Stage 2 Open for race

10:00 to 14:00 – Stage 3 Open for race

10:30 to 14:30 – Stage 4 Open for race

11:00 to 15:30 – Stage 5 Open for race

11:15 to 15:45 – Stage 6 Open for race

16:00 – Marshals raffle

16:15 – Results, Prize giving


There will be a onsite providing food and a drinks vendor for both days.  Bring plenty of water with you as there is no tap onsite. There are portaloos but no showers.

Camping is available on Friday and Saturday night, on Saturday night we have a fully licensed bar in a big marquees with some music.

If you have any race reports, pictures or videos please share them on our Facebook page after the event.

Please take all you rubbish home with you, including energy gel wrappers etc…racing is no excuse for littering.

Please read the Rules:


Event address:

Porlock Road (A39), Minehead, Somerset TA24 8SW which should get them to theMain Race village. Parking is in a field, please car share if you can. There will be a marshal there helping you to park, the race is in the same field as the parking. Please try and drive responsibly and not cut up the field.



Please be considerate to other road users when entering site. Porlock Road is very fast so be careful when entering and exiting the site.  A positive impression on the local residents will go a long way to us being able to use this venue again.

If you have any friends or family coming that might want to help out please make yourself known to Scott