Southern Enduro – Round 1 -QECP – 7th April 2019:
Spectator and Rider Info:

Do not walk on race stages, when watching the race keep well back from the track and avid standing on the outside of corners.

Please car share where possible parking is limited.
Useful info:
Start of the race is from the race village NOT the top of the hill (This will be somewhere near the open area of the race village).
All the Stage start times are from the top of the hill. Please queue up in number order to help the start marshal out.
Wear your helmet at all times when on your bike, both on transitions and stages (repeat offenders will be DQ).

There will 4 stages.

Before practice please sign on to collect your number board and timing chip.

Running order:

08:00 – Sign on opens

08:45 – Riders’ briefing
09:00 – Start of practice
11:45 – End of practice
11:45 – Race Start at Race Village
16:00/16:30 – Results, Prize giving

There will be a Mexcan food and real coffee van (God Save the Bean) onsite providing food and drinks .Bring cash the food will be amazing. Bring plenty of water with you as there is no tap onsite.

If you have any race reports, pictures or videos please share them on our Facebook page after the event.
Please take all you rubbish home with you, including energy gel wrappers etc…racing is no excuse for littering.

Please read the Rules: 

*****Important information for all Southern Enduro racers!!!*****

Please read.

Rider start intervals.

All other categories will be set off at thirty second intervals.

If riders would like to ride down in a train with more than one rider we encourage that.

If a rider feels they need a larger time gap we will allow no longer than one minute.

If a rider feels they need more than a one minute gap then we would advise that they consider moving up to the elite category.

We will allow you to alter your place in the start cue if you feel that you are behind a slower rider but the start gaps must be adhered to.

Catching riders on a timed run.
Southern Enduro feel that catching a slower rider whilst on a timed run and being forced to overtake is part of enduro racing.

If when a rider catches another rider and they feel they have been unfairly held up then the rider in question must take note of the offending riders race number and report it to the race officials and a time penalty of thirty seconds will be handed to the offending rider.

Note to all riders!! 

If someone catches you up on a timed run you must move out of the way for them or you will risk being handed a time penalty.

If you catch another rider whilst on a timed run you must give a clear indication that you wish to pass by shouting “RIDER!” and ideally indicate which side you wish to pass them.

If you are the rider that has been caught you must move out of the way as soon as safely possible.

If a rider on a timed run catches someone who has had an accident you must do your best to get past them and inform the marshal at the end of the stage.

A re-run will only be aloud if you feel you have been “significantly impeded”. If you feel you have been significantly impeded then you must complete your timed run and have the next marshal on that stage and the marshal at the end of the stage confirm this to the race officials.

If you stop to assist a fallen rider then a re-run will be aloud but you must complete your run so as to not confuse the timing system.

Time penalties will not apply to the fun category however we ask the fun riders adhere to the rules as stated.

Practicing stages.
During practice riders must not intentionally stop on the stages and they must not push back up the stages between the taped line. If you feel you need to check certain sections of the stage then you must complete a practice run and then walk back up the hill outside of the taped line or walk down from the start area outside of the taped line. Riders must NOT join the stages at any point other than the start of the stage or at marshaled fire road crossing points when it is deemed safe to do so. This rule is being implemented purely for riders safety and must be adhered to. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in disqualification.

These rules will be enforced at all of our races from now on. The level of competition in Southern Enduro has grown to the point where we feel the rules stated must me enforced and as ever riders safety must come first.

Full rules:

Riders start times:

Event address:
Headdown woodland, New Barn lane, Buriton.
Postcode for satnav: GU31 5SN



Kiln lane & New barn lane will when busy with vehicles from

8 till 10 southbound

4.30 till 6.30 northbound

It is vitally important that we are considerate of the local residents, complaints can jeopardise future events. Also when on the transition near the entrance gate keep the noise to a minimum.

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