Q: What is an enduro?

Enduro is a multi stage race balanced between downhill and cross country taking in gravity based content from natural lines to man made trails. Transitions link all the stages together making it a good community experience throughout the day.

Q: Who are Southern enduro’s events aimed at?

We run grassroots event aimed at getting people in to the sport as well as catering for the more experience riders.

Q: Where are Southern enduro’s event locations?

For 2016 all the southern enduro venues will be in the South East of England and all around an hour from London.

Q: What categories will there be?

  • PRO age 18+ for riders that area Sponsored or ride in Elite or Expert categories in XC, Enduro & DH
  • Senior age 18-29
  • Master age 30-39
  • Veteran age 40-49
  • Supers Veteran age 50+
  • FUN age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers
  • WOMEN age 18+
  • U18s age 14-17
  • Hardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid.


Q: How many stages will there be?

There are 4 timed stages which will be added together for an aggregate time which will decide the winner in each category.

Q: How will I know where do go on the stages?

All stages will be taped and signed where race organizers deem appropriate. Taping will leave suitable line choice where available but will not allow for any significant ‘cutting’ of race track.

Q: How long will stages be?

All stages will be around a mile long and around 80-100m elevation drop. Estimated stage times are out 3 to 6 minutes long.

Q: How will riders be seeded?

On the online entry system there will be a self seeding tab. 1 to 5, 1 being fastest and 5 being slowest.

Q: When do I find out start time?

We will email them out on the Wednesday of the race week, they will also be post the this website.

Q: What happens if I don’t make my start time?

If riders don’t make their start times they will be slotted in 15seconds after the next rider or when ready to start the stage. The clock will not start until you cross the line.

Q:How will I get to the start of the stages?

We will mark out  transition stages between race stages and a set time to reach next stage, transition time is based on using full link, riders are requested to use transition stage (No short cuts). It is important to use the transition stage as we can trace riders in case of emergency or injury.

Q: What sort of helmet do I need?

A: You can wear a open face or full face helmet,  helmet must be worn at all times when on your bike, both on transitions and stages.

Q: What type of bike can I use? 

The Enduro can be done on any bike as long Bike must be of a sound mechanical state and have no electronically or mechanically assisted motors. We recommend 100 to 160mm HT or 120mm to 160mm FS

Stages must be contested on the same bike. Bar end plugs or equivalent must be fitted.

Q: How much can I practice on race day?

A: We recommended ride all the stages In the morning practice session, you practice the stage as much as you like in the allotted time.

Q: Can I practice the stages before race day?

A: No, We will be taping the tracks on Saturday And Friday afternoon, if you see any taped areas before practice stars feel free to have a look but don’t ride them.  We do not want to be run over while marking out the course!

Q: Is the a running order for the races?

A: Yes each race will follow this format:

08:30 – Marshals’ briefing

08:45 – Riders’ briefing

09:00 – Start of practice

11:45 – End of practice

12:00 – Race Start at Race Village

16:00/16:30 – Results, Prize giving and Raffle

Times could differ slightly depending on the venues

Q: Will there be refreshment at the events?

A: Yes: There will be a Vendor onsite providing food and drinks. We advised to bring plenty of water with you as there is no taps onsite.

Q: What are the T&C for Events?

A: Refunds for each event can be processed. There will be an admin charge of -20% of the entry fee. No refunds or name swaps within 10 days of Reace/Events. If you would like to transfer your entry to a friend, or to another Southern Enduro race you will need to email the details to the event organiser at Southernenduro@Hotmail.com