2023 Full South East Southern Enduro Series – Ticket

Full SE Series Ticket

South East Series

Rd1 – Milland, West Sussex 

23rd April 2023

  • Free Parking
  • New never raced stages
  • 5 stage Enduro Race


Rd2/ChampsPippingford, East Sussex 

21st May 2023

  • Free parking & camping
  • Open practice Sat 20th (£5 Pay locally)
  • New never raced stages
  • 6 stage Enduro Race
  • Double series points


Rd3QECP, Hampshire 

16th July 2023

  • Free parking
  • New never raced stages
  • 5 stage Enduro Race


Rd4 – Milland, West Sussex 

24th Sept 2023

  • Free parking
  • Reworked and improved race stages
  • 5 stage Enduro Race
  • South East Series winners podium



We are using the Action Sport Timing’s contactless system. This requires that riders collect a timing dongle on Sunday morning BEFORE they start the race. The racers will ride over timing mats at the start and end of stage to record their time.



Categories have been updated this year to aligned with the current EWS and British Enduro Categories.

Female Ebike

Female Under 21

Female Seniors 21-35

Female 35+

Female Fun

Male Ebike

Male Ebike 40-49

Male Ebike 50-59

Male Ebike 60+

Male Under 18

Male Under 21

Male Seniors 21-29

Male Masters 30-39

Male Veterans 40-49

Male Super Veterans 50-59

Male Grand Veterans 60+

Unisex Hardtail 18+

Male Fun

Note: If age categories don’t have a minimum of 3 racers we will merge them with the relevant category.



We will have winners for both regional series South West and South East. We will also have a winner for the overall Southern Enduro Super Series.

You can get points in the SW & SE regional series. The champs rounds in both series will be double points. Racers will be able to drop their worst result one round from each regional.


All remaining individual rounds will go on sale 3 months before each event.

To book all the races you need to sign up for both series, If you sign up for the South west series this includes the YT Champs/BNES Race.






Apr 15 2023 - Dec 31 2023




Scott @ Southern Enduro
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