QECP Mash-up 2022 Riders Briefing
Headdown woodland, New barn lane, Buriton, GU31 5SN
When accessing the site please drive slowly and consider Headdowns neighbours.

Here are the detailed instructions, please read all the points.

This is your riders briefing as there will not be one on the day.

General Site Rules:
There will be no access to the races stages before Sun 17th, trails can be walked, the morning of the race before 10:00, Please be aware this is event only woodland.
Spectators are allowed on site and its free.

Parking – Listen to instructions from the parking marshal.
We have extra toilets, please queue as indicated. Only put toilet roll down the toilets. Keep the toilets tidy and rubbish free.
Face mask aren’t compulsory but if you would like to wear them while queuing for the toilets, sign-on and food vendor.
Please take all your rubbish home with you.
Please follow all on-site safety signs.
LUL-MED will be our onsite Medical Team.
Action Sports Timing will be timing the event.
There will be on site Refreshments.

Some Race rules reminders:

No re-runs for machanicals or crashes.

No deresticted E-bikes

No assisting other riders to the top of the hills with E-bikes

All riders must start in their catorgoies and at the race village not their cars or the top of the hill.

Full rules HERE

Mashup Enduro Format/Instructions:
– Arrive on site and park up or camp.
– Go to sign on and verbally sign on and get your number
board via the one-way system.
– Then get your timing chip via the one-way system.
– the race will start at 10am.
– Then follow the transition to get to the top of the hill
– You can do the stages in any order and as many times as you want.
-your 2 fastest times from each stage count to your overall time, so you have to ride each stage at least twice to get a result.
-Please follow all signage.
-We don’t allow the use of tow ropes or chipped e-bikes.
– The race will end at 3pm This will conclude racing for the day. Please make your way
home or stick around for prize giving.
– Prizes for top 3 riders in each category will be
collected at the prize giving after the results are final.
-There is also a prize for the most number of stages ridden (Male & Female)
– You can keep your number board but you need to return
you timing chip to the timing trailer/tent. If you don’t return your chip,
you won’t get a result and will be charged to replace it.
-Final results will be available online after the last racer hands in their timing chip.
Mashup Enduro Sign-on:
There will be a one-way system for sign on with a verbal sign on process.
Give your name & category and you will be handed your number board.
Next the one-way system will direct you to the timing chip trailer. Say your race number and you will be handed your timing chip.
That is sign on complete.

Photographers will need to go to sign on to give their name and number.

Rider start list:
Full Event schedule:
Marshals Breifing: 09:30
Enduro Sign on: 09:00
Enduro race 10:00 till 15:00 Race. (Tickets still available £50 Adults and £45 Juniors on the day)
17:00 Site clear of Participants.
Scott and the Southern Enduro team.