Milland 2021 Riders Briefing
Southern Enduro Rd4 – 26th Sept 2021 – Milland, West Sussex

This is not the actual postcode but its close:
Home Farm Hollycombe GU30 7LR Follow signs from here.

Do NOT travel to the event if you have CV19 Symptoms.

This is your riders briefing as there will not be one on the day.

General Site Rules:

There will be no access to the site before Sun 26th Sept, this is private land and we want to be able to use this venue for years to come.

Parking – we have a big field so space out and give plenty of room between cars. Listen to instructions from the parking marshal.

We have extra toilets, please queue as indicated and use the hand sanitizer. Only put toilet roll down the toilets. Keep the toilets tidy and rubbish free.

Face mask aren’t compulsory but if you would like to wear them while queuing for the toilets, sign-on and food vendor.

Please take all your rubbish home with you.
As a reminder you should NOT be socialising with others in the car park and race village areas.

Please follow all on-site safety signs.
LUL-MED will be our onsite Medical Team.
Action Sports Timing will be timing the event.
God Save the Bean will be providing on site Refreshments.

– Arrive on site and park up with lots of space around you.
– Go to sign on and verbally sign on and get your number
board via the one-way system.
– Then get your timing chip via the one-way system.
– At your start time after morning practice, you will be set-off
from the race village. Please queue in number order.
– Then follow the transition to get to stage 1, again at stage 1
queue 2 metres apart until the marshal sets you off in 20sec gaps.
– Flow the same process for the next 4 stages. Note: there are now
2 transition at Milland please follow the signs to the correct stages.
– The 5th and final stage on Sunday will end where you started at the
race arena.
– The prize giving on the day will be after the race has finished.
– Prizes for top 3 riders in each category will be
collected at the prize giving.
– You can keep your number board but you need to return
you timing chip to the timing trailer/tent. If you don’t return your chip,
you won’t get a result and be charged to replace it.
-Final results will be available online after the last racer hands in their timing chip.

There will be a one-way system for sign on with a verbal sign on process. (No pen needed).
Give your name & category and you will be handed your number board.
Next the one-way system will direct you to the timing chip trailer. Say your race number and you will be handed your timing chip.
That is sign on complete.

Anyone attending the event will will have their name and number automatically saved for the test and trace system if needed. Photographers will need to go to sign on to give their name and number for test and trace.

Rider start list to be publish early next week.

Sign on: From 08:00
Race Schedule:09:00 till 11:45 Practice.
11:45 till 16:00 Race.
17:00 Site clear of Participants.

If anything is unclear, please email [email protected] however we will be on site from 24th Sept so we will struggle to answer emails after that date.
Print/Save/Screenshot these instructions so you have a handy guide while you are at the event.

Scott and the Southern Enduro team.

No.NameCategoryStart time
1Debbie SageEbike female11:45:00
2Sam JenkinsEbike male11:45:20
3James BrownEbike male11:45:40
4Rhys williamsEbike male11:46:00
5Olie PriceEbike male11:46:20
6Tom WylesEbike male11:46:40
7Tom WoodwardEbike male11:47:00
8Mark JeffreyEbike malevets 40+11:47:20
9Michael VickeryEbike malevets 40+11:47:40
10Peter AviziusEbike malevets 40+11:48:00
11David TurnellEbike malevets 40+11:48:20
12Perry MeetenEbike malevets 40+11:48:40
13Marcus WhiteEbike malevets 40+11:49:00
14Paul KnappEbike malevets 40+11:49:20
15oliver kolodziejskiEbike malevets 40+11:49:40
16Simon LeakEbike malevets 40+11:50:00
17Matthew bennettEbike malevets 40+11:50:20
18Paul KingstonEbike malevets 40+11:50:40
19Nigel LewisEbike malevets 40+11:51:00
20Paul SawyerEbike malevets 40+11:51:20
21Brad BriggsEbike malevets 40+11:51:40
22Nick BartlettEbike malevets 40+11:52:00
23Jason McStayEbike malevets 40+11:52:20
24Josh CollinsElite male age 18+11:52:40
25Joel HawkinsElite male age 18+11:53:00
26Patrick ridgeElite male age 18+11:53:20
27Sean WalkerElite male age 18+11:53:40
28Hayden HarrisElite male age 18+11:54:00
29Patrick LearElite male age 18+11:54:20
30Elliot brownson-smithElite male age 18+11:54:40
31Micheal giambroneElite male age 18+11:55:00
32Drew BarrittElite male age 18+11:55:20
33Yasmin ThorpeElite male age 18+11:55:40
34Jack LearElite male age 18+11:56:00
35Tim RichardsonElite male age 18+11:56:20
36Richard TuckerElite male age 18+11:56:40
37Thomas WhiteleyElite male age 18+11:57:00
38Emily AshwoodFemale elite11:57:20
39Georgia BallerSenior female age 18-2911:57:40
40Rhiannon GunnerSenior female age 18-2911:58:00
41Francie ArthurSenior female age 18-2911:58:20
42Paige HarveySenior female age 18-2911:58:40
43Rachel ClayVeteran female age 40+11:59:00
44Jackie FieldVeteran female age 40+11:59:20
45Alice BowenMaster female age 30-3911:59:40
46Queenie WatermanMaster female age 30-3912:00:00
47Judy WilkesMaster female age 30-3912:00:20
48Megan HurleyFUN female age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers12:00:40
49Lucyanne LeoFUN female age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers12:01:00
50Kate JoyceFUN female age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers12:01:20
51Bella GrinstedU14s female age 10-1512:01:40
52Willow BakerU14s female age 10-1512:02:00
53Ellie BurchettU14s female age 10-1512:02:20
54Haris MEIKLEU14s female age 10-1512:02:40
55Katie AllsopU14s female age 10-1512:03:00
56Cameron AdamsonU18s female age 16-1712:03:20
57Eme CoshU18s female age 16-1712:03:40
58Lucy AllsopU18s female age 16-1712:04:00
59Eme CoshU18s female age 16-1712:04:20
60Finlay RobertsHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid12:04:40
61Nick NelsonHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid12:05:00
62Alex WineHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid12:05:20
63Ed NapierHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid12:05:40
64Mark RochesterHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid12:06:00
65Jack CousinsHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid12:06:20
66Aaron LinesHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid12:06:40
67Iain SmithHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid12:07:00
68Ed GriffithsHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid12:07:20
69Stuart BaileyHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid12:07:40
70Matt LakinHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid12:08:00
71Michael SmithHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid12:08:20
72Chris HortonHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid12:08:40
73Sean bartlettHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid12:09:00
74Drew BarrittHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid12:09:20
75Peter SangerHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid12:09:40
76Alessandro CacaceHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid12:10:00
77Tom DunnHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid12:10:20
78Dicarlo BenasMaster male age 30-3912:10:40
79Damien TuttonMaster male age 30-3912:11:00
80Dan HewittMaster male age 30-3912:11:20
81James DalzielMaster male age 30-3912:11:40
82Dan winterMaster male age 30-3912:12:00
83Gary HayterMaster male age 30-3912:12:20
84hamish chiltonMaster male age 30-3912:12:40
85Przemyslaw MrzyczekMaster male age 30-3912:13:00
86Jonathon NashMaster male age 30-3912:13:20
87Dan bakerMaster male age 30-3912:13:40
88Dan SibbickMaster male age 30-3912:14:00
89Neal AbbottMaster male age 30-3912:14:20
90Jonathon NashMaster male age 30-3912:14:40
91AbdollahMaster male age 30-3912:15:00
92Michael Van VlietMaster male age 30-3912:15:20
93Tom ReganMaster male age 30-3912:15:40
94Iain OttawayMaster male age 30-3912:16:00
95Mark BrooksMaster male age 30-3912:16:20
96Robert LewisMaster male age 30-3912:16:40
97James HartMaster male age 30-3912:17:00
98MR RICHARD BUNTINGMaster male age 30-3912:17:20
99Jack BeckersonMaster male age 30-3912:17:40
100Ash GriffithsMaster male age 30-3912:18:00
101Murray RawsonMaster male age 30-3912:18:20
102Kyle FayersMaster male age 30-3912:18:40
103Liam BallMaster male age 30-3912:19:00
104Sam HansonMaster male age 30-3912:19:20
105Ashley downMaster male age 30-3912:19:40
106Ross serleMaster male age 30-3912:20:00
107Fred heathMaster male age 30-3912:20:20
108Chris RyanMaster male age 30-3912:20:40
109Daniel JenkinsMaster male age 30-3912:21:00
110Christipher Thomas BullickMaster male age 30-3912:21:20
111Peter SangerMaster male age 30-3912:21:40
112Ben MarksMaster male age 30-3912:22:00
113Mike SmithMaster male age 30-3912:22:20
114Dave VallerMaster male age 30-3912:22:40
115Gary DrakeMaster male age 30-3912:23:00
116Ben FoamesMaster male age 30-3912:23:20
117Jamie arnoldMaster male age 30-3912:23:40
118Dean SmithMaster male age 30-3912:24:00
119Timothy GosnoldMaster male age 30-3912:24:20
120David SheppardMaster male age 30-3912:24:40
121Jock CalvertSenior male age 18-2912:25:00
122Nicholas EarleySenior male age 18-2912:25:20
123Zachary WardSenior male age 18-2912:25:40
124Olly BrownSenior male age 18-2912:26:00
125Nick WallSenior male age 18-2912:26:20
126Gregory LandSenior male age 18-2912:26:40
127Toby LloydSenior male age 18-2912:27:00
128Billy HoldsworthSenior male age 18-2912:27:20
129Toby BrawnSenior male age 18-2912:27:40
130Jake BattySenior male age 18-2912:28:00
131Sammy leeSenior male age 18-2912:28:20
132Sam ChurchillSenior male age 18-2912:28:40
133Max hawleySenior male age 18-2912:29:00
134Sean FlanniganSenior male age 18-2912:29:20
135Charlie SmithSenior male age 18-2912:29:40
136Finlay woodSenior male age 18-2912:30:00
137Lewis GiffordSenior male age 18-2912:30:20
138Trent ByrneSenior male age 18-2912:30:40
139Richard PhilpottSenior male age 18-2912:31:00
140George SalterSenior male age 18-2912:31:20
141Lewis delaneySenior male age 18-2912:31:40
142Jesse HolmesSenior male age 18-2912:32:00
143Elliot TrickerSenior male age 18-2912:32:20
144Greg DawsonSenior male age 18-2912:32:40
145George BakerSenior male age 18-2912:33:00
146Jamie AllsopSenior male age 18-2912:33:20
147Alex StewardSenior male age 18-2912:33:40
148Laurie ArthurSenior male age 18-2912:34:00
149William CopseySenior male age 18-2912:34:20
150Kester McQueenSenior male age 18-2912:34:40
151Chris GunterSenior male age 18-2912:35:00
152Alex WardSenior male age 18-2912:35:20
153Jordan BeightonSenior male age 18-2912:35:40
154Alex TarrSenior male age 18-2912:36:00
155David CoombsSupers Veteran male age 50+12:36:20
156Jamie CurrieSupers Veteran male age 50+12:36:40
157Matt FieldSupers Veteran male age 50+12:37:00
158Andrew etheridgeSupers Veteran male age 50+12:37:20
159Andy TurnerSupers Veteran male age 50+12:37:40
160Mark HenrickSupers Veteran male age 50+12:38:00
161Tim hanchetSupers Veteran male age 50+12:38:20
162Kevin GunnerSupers Veteran male age 50+12:38:40
163Jonathan SellerSupers Veteran male age 50+12:39:00
164John LetchSupers Veteran male age 50+12:39:20
165Adrian FryerSupers Veteran male age 50+12:39:40
166Rob BrowneSupers Veteran male age 50+12:40:00
167Mark HackerSupers Veteran male age 50+12:40:20
168Trevor ByrneSupers Veteran male age 50+12:40:40
169Kevin RootSupers Veteran male age 50+12:41:00
170Pete ElliotSupers Veteran male age 50+12:41:20
171Mark AndrewsSupers Veteran male age 50+12:41:40
172Steve LaingSupers Veteran male age 50+12:42:00
173Jason TaylorSupers Veteran male age 50+12:42:20
174Gideon coeSupers Veteran male age 50+12:42:40
175David HarneySupers Veteran male age 50+12:43:00
176Anthony SpongSupers Veteran male age 50+12:43:20
177Torben CookSupers Veteran male age 50+12:43:40
178Matt ClarkSupers Veteran male age 50+12:44:00
179Andy MarshallSupers Veteran male age 50+12:44:20
180Andy PittsonSupers Veteran male age 50+12:44:40
181Mark twistSupers Veteran male age 50+12:45:00
182Paul HoptonSupers Veteran male age 50+12:45:20
183Harvey JamesSupers Veteran male age 50+12:45:40
184Aaron YoungSupers Veteran male age 50+12:46:00
185Simon BushSupers Veteran male age 50+12:46:20
186Philip ClaytonSupers Veteran male age 50+12:46:40
187Ian sandersSupers Veteran male age 50+12:47:00
188Wayne BondSupers Veteran male age 50+12:47:20
189Paul ClementsSupers Veteran male age 50+12:47:40
190Mike NormanSupers Veteran male age 50+12:48:00
191Stuart CatfordSupers Veteran male age 50+12:48:20
192Gary SalterSupers Veteran male age 50+12:48:40
193jonathan tarrSupers Veteran male age 50+12:49:00
194Morgan McGregorU14s male age 10-1312:49:20
195Callum MoretonU14s male age 10-1312:49:40
196Leo MoretonU14s male age 10-1312:50:00
197Nicolás alba garzonU14s male age 10-1312:50:20
198James OatesU14s male age 10-1312:50:40
199Thomas FyerU14s male age 10-1312:51:00
200Finlay TaylorU14s male age 10-1312:51:20
201Thomas FrancisU14s male age 10-1312:51:40
202Joshua UnderwoodU14s male age 10-1312:52:00
203Zac SherazeeU14s male age 10-1312:52:20
204Elliot SmithU14s male age 10-1312:52:40
205Benjy Naylor-DavisU14s male age 10-1312:53:00
206Theo EllisU14s male age 10-1312:53:20
207Lockie MannU14s male age 10-1312:53:40
208Leo ClareU14s male age 10-1312:54:00
209Theo CraskeU14s male age 10-1312:54:20
210Luke ReederU14s male age 10-1312:54:40
211Reuben MahoneyU14s male age 10-1312:55:00
212Reece HilliardU14s male age 10-1312:55:20
213Jamie NeateU14s male age 10-1312:55:40
214Andrew MrzyczekU14s male age 10-1312:56:00
215Fin WoodliffeU14s male age 10-1312:56:20
216Woody claytonU14s male age 10-1312:56:40
217Joe CarpenterU14s male age 10-1312:57:00
218Ollie SwetmanU14s male age 10-1312:57:20
219Rico McStayU14s male age 10-1312:57:40
220Olaf Jan HaitinkU14s male age 10-1312:58:00
221Charlie HayU14s male age 10-1312:58:20
222LeonU14s male age 10-1312:58:40
223Will ClayU14s male age 10-1312:59:00
224Jonathan YoungU14s male age 10-1312:59:20
225Daniel MaplesdenU14s male age 10-1312:59:40
226Thomas MaplesdenU14s male age 10-1313:00:00
227James WeeksU14s male age 10-1313:00:20
228Joe CarpenterU14s male age 10-1313:00:40
229Charlie BakerU14s male age 10-1313:01:00
230Ned FieldU14s male age 10-1313:01:20
231George Cotsworth-SmithU14s male age 10-1313:01:40
232Fred CovellU16s male age 14-1513:02:00
233Ben VarleyU16s male age 14-1513:02:20
234Albert NoyceU16s male age 14-1513:02:40
235Daniel McDonaldU16s male age 14-1513:03:00
236Yago alba garzonU16s male age 14-1513:03:20
237SonnyU16s male age 14-1513:03:40
238James CrossmanU16s male age 14-1513:04:00
239Ethan HarveyU16s male age 14-1513:04:20
240James DarkU16s male age 14-1513:04:40
241Henry MarshallU16s male age 14-1513:05:00
242Samuel StreetU16s male age 14-1513:05:20
243oscar headU16s male age 14-1513:05:40
244Oliver UnderwoodU16s male age 14-1513:06:00
245Oren StainesU16s male age 14-1513:06:20
246Krzysztof KarasU16s male age 14-1513:06:40
247Luke AndrewsU16s male age 14-1513:07:00
248Sam MeetenU16s male age 14-1513:07:20
249Anthony MrzyczekU16s male age 14-1513:07:40
250LewisU16s male age 14-1513:08:00
251Callum GayU16s male age 14-1513:08:20
252Henry ClareU16s male age 14-1513:08:40
253Soli HarveyU16s male age 14-1513:09:00
254Charlie CaisterU16s male age 14-1513:09:20
255Charles CrossleyU16s male age 14-1513:09:40
256Nico SatchellU16s male age 14-1513:10:00
257Tom ButlerU16s male age 14-1513:10:20
258Millen richardsonU16s male age 14-1513:10:40
259Hamish Dillon-JonesU16s male age 14-1513:11:00
260William bruceU16s male age 14-1513:11:20
261Thomas EvansU16s male age 14-1513:11:40
262Tom NewallU16s male age 14-1513:12:00
263Will StuttardU16s male age 14-1513:12:20
264Luke RichardsonU16s male age 14-1513:12:40
265Peter CarpenterU16s male age 14-1513:13:00
266David  wardU16s male age 14-1513:13:20
267Oliver WhiteU16s male age 14-1513:13:40
268ethan BushU16s male age 14-1513:14:00
269Jack BaileyU16s male age 14-1513:14:20
270Sam GriffithsU16s male age 14-1513:14:40
271Peter CarpenterU16s male age 14-1513:15:00
272Ben FieldU16s male age 14-1513:15:20
273Vincent AviziusU18s male age 16-1713:15:40
274Joe LovellU18s male age 16-1713:16:00
275Oliver HoldichU18s male age 16-1713:16:20
276Jack LetchU18s male age 16-1713:16:40
277Eddie EdroffU18s male age 16-1713:17:00
278Isaac PettU18s male age 16-1713:17:20
279Tom BaileyU18s male age 16-1713:17:40
280Kai HodgesU18s male age 16-1713:18:00
281Luca StainesU18s male age 16-1713:18:20
282Samuel ConteU18s male age 16-1713:18:40
283Evan SansumU18s male age 16-1713:19:00
284Harry ReederU18s male age 16-1713:19:20
285Ethan BlackU18s male age 16-1713:19:40
286Alex LeakU18s male age 16-1713:20:00
287Marley whiteU18s male age 16-1713:20:20
288Jack CromieU18s male age 16-1713:20:40
289Josh AndrewsU18s male age 16-1713:21:00
290Theo HallettU18s male age 16-1713:21:20
291James stuttardU18s male age 16-1713:21:40
292Joel PymanU18s male age 16-1713:22:00
293Bear PountneyU18s male age 16-1713:22:20
294Tor RichardsonU18s male age 16-1713:22:40
295Jasper JohnsonU18s male age 16-1713:23:00
296Joe VarndellU18s male age 16-1713:23:20
297Olaf HaitinkVeteran male age 40-4913:23:40
298Jonathan KendallVeteran male age 40-4913:24:00
299Steve WeeksVeteran male age 40-4913:24:20
300Kenny EnglishVeteran male age 40-4913:24:40
301Spencer JacksonVeteran male age 40-4913:25:00
302Simon ThornVeteran male age 40-4913:25:20
303Mark grayVeteran male age 40-4913:25:40
304Tom Naylor-DavisVeteran male age 40-4913:26:00
305Vincent BaridaVeteran male age 40-4913:26:20
306chris atkinsVeteran male age 40-4913:26:40
307Tim PetersVeteran male age 40-4913:27:00
308Charlie ClareVeteran male age 40-4913:27:20
309Paul WhitlockVeteran male age 40-4913:27:40
310Mark WhitlockVeteran male age 40-4913:28:00
311Philip OlivierVeteran male age 40-4913:28:20
312Philip BakerVeteran male age 40-4913:28:40
313Mark BunkerVeteran male age 40-4913:29:00
314Phil HamiltonVeteran male age 40-4913:29:20
315Chris SargeantVeteran male age 40-4913:29:40
316Andy WeddellVeteran male age 40-4913:30:00
317Tommi WorringhamVeteran male age 40-4913:30:20
318Jim SayerVeteran male age 40-4913:30:40
319Roly ChuterVeteran male age 40-4913:31:00
320Matt WinterVeteran male age 40-4913:31:20
321mathew pewseyVeteran male age 40-4913:31:40
322James Clifford-CoxVeteran male age 40-4913:32:00
323Cy CulpinVeteran male age 40-4913:32:20
324Stephen cattVeteran male age 40-4913:32:40
325Anthony MaslinVeteran male age 40-4913:33:00
326David ParkerVeteran male age 40-4913:33:20
327Tom ClarkeVeteran male age 40-4913:33:40
328James ByrersVeteran male age 40-4913:34:00
329Wayne ReederVeteran male age 40-4913:34:20
330Rob StoneVeteran male age 40-4913:34:40
331Tommi WorringhamVeteran male age 40-4913:35:00
332Keith TokeleyVeteran male age 40-4913:35:20
333Neal BurtonVeteran male age 40-4913:35:40
334Philippa englishVeteran male age 40-4913:36:00
335Andy WeddellVeteran male age 40-4913:36:20
336MR BRYAN JANESVeteran male age 40-4913:36:40
337Paul TurrellVeteran male age 40-4913:37:00
338Alan SandersonVeteran male age 40-4913:37:20
339ashley newberyVeteran male age 40-4913:37:40
340Chris McNabVeteran male age 40-4913:38:00
341paul HuntVeteran male age 40-4913:38:20
342Robert FrancisVeteran male age 40-4913:38:40
343Dan BarberVeteran male age 40-4913:39:00
344Jason PuzeyVeteran male age 40-4913:39:20
345Matthew BunkerVeteran male age 40-4913:39:40
346Tom FewsterVeteran male age 40-4913:40:00
347Mr Ben Thomas LeachVeteran male age 40-4913:40:20
348Mark robsonVeteran male age 40-4913:40:40
349Andrew BakerVeteran male age 40-4913:41:00
350Brian CooneyVeteran male age 40-4913:41:20
351Joe BakerVeteran male age 40-4913:41:40
352Greg WylieVeteran male age 40-4913:42:00
353Charlie SmithVeteran male age 40-4913:42:20
354Christopher ButcherFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:42:40
355Mark MoretonFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:43:00
356Neil HanhamFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:43:20
357Scott RoseFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:43:40
358Gary CarterFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:44:00
359Jake RobertsonFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:44:20
360Daniel FazzoneFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:44:40
361Jamie PortchFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:45:00
362Danny Da-DruzFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:45:20
363Christopher MacraeFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:45:40
364Mark O’CallaghanFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:46:00
365Noah WilliamsFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:46:20
366Robert GrayFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:46:40
367Mark StaddonFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:47:00
368Eli SaundersFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:47:20
369Wayne MahoneyFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:47:40
370Paul WestFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:48:00
371Joshua kingshottFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:48:20
372Christopher DavisFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:48:40
373Luke GregoryFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:49:00
374Adam ShepherdFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:49:20
375Adrian O’ConnorFUN male age 18+ for riders starting out in enduro and less experienced racers13:49:40