Southern Enduro runs fun accessible races across the south of the UK. The fun category is great for first time racers, so come give it a go. Enduro is a multi stage race balanced between downhill and cross country taking in gravity based content from natural lines to man made trails. Transitions link all the stages together making it a good community experience throughout the day.



2017 Southern Enduro QECP Mashup:

5th Nov 2017 @ Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire

Mashup Format:

3 stages, ridden as many times as you want (each stage must be ridden twice) 2 fastest times from each stage count. So you will have 6 stage times on your results.

All stages will be over a mile long and around 80m to 100m in elevation/drop. Estimated stage times are about 2 minutes to 4 minutes long.

tickets available here: HERE

2018 Dates & Venues:

Day & Night Enduro 2018 Powered By Exposure Lights
Sat 12th May – QECP, Hampshire

Identiti Bikes Southern Enduro Champs 2018
Vee Tire Southern Enduro Champs Lite 2018
Sat 14th & Sun 15th July Minehead, Exmoor, Somerset

Transition Bikes Southern Enduro Series 2018
Rd1 –  Sun 15th April – QECP, Hampshire
Rd2 – Sun 10th June – Pippingford Park, East Sussex
Rd3 – Sun 5th August – Okeford Hill Bike Park & Blandford Hill Forest, Dorset
Updated: Rd4 – Sun 23rd September – Milland, West Sussex

Each race will be run over one day and consist of four stages, predominately downhill. Practice in the morning and race in the afternoon.


British Enduro Moutain Bike Assoc. (Redraw).ai


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