Southern Enduro ran its first race in 2013 since then we have been growing to bring the south of the UK top class enduro racing.

Southern Enduro Events in 2020 UPDATED 27/07/20:

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Southern Enduro Update 27/07/20 – The Event is on with a venue swap.

(SOLD OUT) Rd1 & Southern Enduro Champs – Minehead – 15th & 16th August (Same Date)

This is the Southern champs but points count to the overall series making Rd1 of the Southern Enduro Series as well.

10 Stage Enduro Race


On Sale Now:

(SOLD OUT) Rd2 – Milland – 27th September 2020 (Same Date)

5 Stage Enduro Race

On Sale Now:

Rd3 – Pippingford – 25th October 2020 (New Date)
4 Stage Enduro Race


On Sale Now:

(SOLD OUT) Rd4 – QECP – 8th November 2020 (New Date)
4 Stage Enduro Race

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Start list - Milland Rd3

Milland Rd3 Start List - 25th Oct 2020 Updated 22/10/2020  Name.Category.Start time1Karl WoodmanMale Ebike11:45:002Bradley BriggsMale Ebike11:45:303Jason Arnold Male Ebike11:46:004James bullock Male Ebike11:46:305Mark OakleyMale Ebike11:47:006Mike SmithMale Ebike11:47:307Seb HillMale Ebike11:48:008Jamie Arnold Male Ebike11:48:309Mike JosephMale Ebike11:49:0010Jon powleyMale Ebike11:49:3011David BirdMale Ebike11:50:0012PAUL KNAPPMale Ebike11:50:3013Simon CoventryMale Ebike11:51:0014John CoventryMale Ebike11:51:3015Sam CoventryMale Ebike11:52:0016Damien TuttonMale Ebike11:52:3017craig macklinMale Ebike11:53:0018Laurence NewlandMale Ebike11:53:3019Mike Barnett Male Ebike11:54:0020Michael EdwardsMale Ebike11:54:3021Paul HuntMale Ebike11:55:0022Clayton pearceMale… READ MORE

Milland start list 2020

Updated 24/09/2020 Morning practice 09:00 till 11:45 Riders start times from the race village: Name.Category. 1Karl WoodmanMale Ebike11:45:002Bradley BriggsMale Ebike11:45:303Jason arnoldMale Ebike11:46:004Anthony RevellMale Ebike11:46:305Mark OakleyMale Ebike11:47:006Jim BuchananMale Ebike11:47:307Mike SmithMale Ebike11:48:008Dave BirdMale Ebike11:48:309Robin GoddingMale Ebike11:49:0010Tim clarkMale Ebike11:49:3011paul knappMale Ebike11:50:0012Carl ColesMale Ebike11:50:3013craig macklinMale Ebike11:51:0014Jason WormanMale Ebike11:51:3015Simon CoventryMale Ebike11:52:0016John CoventryMale Ebike11:52:3017Sam CoventryMale Ebike11:53:0018Simon SandersMale Ebike11:53:3019Michael EdwardsMale Ebike11:54:0020Adam Underwood Male Ebike11:54:3021David… READ MORE

Southern Enduro Champs 2020- Minehead 15th & 16th August -Rider start times - Updated 11/08/20

Name.Category.1Bradley BriggsMale E-Bike09:00:002Mathew BaylissMale E-Bike09:01:003simon coventryMale E-Bike09:02:004Sammy CoventryMale E-Bike09:03:005Ben BakerMale E-Bike09:04:006Christian FaircloughMale E-Bike09:05:007Adam AgerMale E-Bike09:06:008Tony griffithsMale E-Bike09:07:009Jon CousinsMale E-Bike09:08:0010Matt OakleyMale E-Bike09:09:0011Mick EdwardsMale E-Bike09:10:0012Mark TuckerMale E-Bike09:11:0013Pierre NakhlaMale E-Bike09:12:0014Craig MacklinMale E-Bike09:13:0015Neil pollington Male E-Bike09:14:0016Nikki JaneFemale Vets 40+09:15:0017Maxine FilbyFemale Vets 40+09:16:0018Caroline GowardFemale Vets 40+09:17:0019Jennifer PurcellFemale Vets 40+09:18:0020Becky CookFemale Master age 30-3909:19:0021Becci skeltonFemale Master age 30-3909:20:0022katie wakelyFemale Master age 30-3909:21:0023Liz… READ MORE

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Milland start list 2020

Updated 24/09/2020 Morning practice 09:00 till 11:45 Riders start times from the race village: Name. Category.   1 Karl Woodman Male Ebike 11:45:00 2 Bradley Briggs Male Ebike 11:45:30 3 Jason arnold Male Ebike 11:46:00 Read more…