UPDATED 31 July 2023

YT Southern Enduro Champs 4th-6th Aug 2023 – Riders Briefing and Seeding times

British National Enduro series final round

Ebike British National Enduro series final round

Round 3 South West Southern Enduro Series 

Please read this riders briefing in full, it has all the information you need for the weekend.


Event address A39, Porlock Road, Minehead TA24 8SR

What 3 Words location:

9 Stage Main Enduro Race (Black Grade skill level)

Route stats: 25km & 1200m elevation gain.

This race is aimed at intermediate and Advanced riders.

There are some new trails for 2022 these are on private land and are steep & rocky.

Trail maps are later in the briefing.

Track walk Friday (afternoon, race village side only), Open Practice Saturday on all stages, Saturday seeding stage and Race Sunday. See Schedule for timings.


4 Stage Lite Enduro Race (Red Grade skill level)

Route stats:7km & 500m elevation gain

This race is aimed at intermediate riders

Rooty and loamy trails on private land.

Trail maps are later in the briefing.

Track walk Friday (afternoon), Open Practice Saturday on all stages, Saturday seeding stage and Race Sunday. See Schedule for timings.


What’s included with both races:

Free Camping Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Free for spectators.

Free Parking for all.

Full marked out route with Course map.

Free YT Rolling Circus Demo’s Friday (afternoon), Saturday & Sunday, more information below.

lots of portable loos and large event arena.

Accessible portable/family loo.

Bar and lots of food vendor options (See arena area plan & Schedule), these will be open on Saturday and Sunday, also some will be there on Friday afternoon night too.

Band and DJ Saturday evening. See Schedule for timings for more info.

Kids Zone – a chill out area for families with some outdoor games to play and colouring. This is in the main arena area. Children must be supervised at all times.

Kids Skills trail – Thanks to our friends at Minehead Merlins for running this, so bring your kids bikes too, this is free and next to the kids zone.


Some Race rules reminders:

No re-runs for mechanicals or crashes.

No derestricted E-bikes. (checks will be in place with instant DQ when caught)

No assisting other riders to the top of the hills with E-bikes.

No shuttling allowed between stages on Saturday or Sunday.

All riders must start in their categories and at the race village Under the start arch not their cars or the top of the hill, this is important or you might not get a time.

Only trails in the Lite Race or on Map1 of the main race can be track walked on Friday.

Full rules HERE

General Site Rules:

There will be no access to the site before Friday 4th Aug 13:00, this is private land and we want to be able to use this venue for years to come. Just to repeat this is PRIVATE LAND.

Parking – Listen to instructions from the parking marshal.

No fires!!! the grass is really dry and we need to be very careful.

BBQs to be raised off the floor and away from the grass.

Bike security; Please keep your bike with you at all time or locked up in your vehicle, especially over night!!



– Saturday morning go to sign on Marquee and sign in and get your number
board via the one-way system.

– Then get your timing chip from the Action Sports timing tent.

– At 09.45 Saturday there will be a riders briefing to go over extra details,

-After the riders briefing practice will begin, Its open practice and stages can be ridden in any order as may time as you would like.

-Practice will end when seeding runs begin (see schedule and start list for seeding times)

– Your seeding start time will be from the race village under the start arch. Stay in number order when heading up to the top of the seeing run. (seeding runs are for the 9 stage race only)

– Your seeding time counts as part of your overall time.

– We will be running a seeding hot seat for each category. Fastest rider sits in the hot seat for each category and wins a prize!

– This will conclude riding for the day, enjoy the bar and Live music.

– Seeded results will be posted locally near the marquee Saturday evening.

-Sunday morning please come to the race village at your seeded start time, you will be required to rider through the start arch in the  race village.

– The Lites race will be off on Sunday morning  and will ride 4 stages in number order.

– Then the main race will be off on Sunday morning and will ride 8 stages in number order (See map).

– Caution when crossing the A39 look both way and only cross when safe to do so (See map)

-After both races have finished please hand in you timing chips as soon as possible.

– There will be a prize giving for both races (See Schedule)



4 stage Lite Enduro Course Map:


4 stage Lite Enduro Course Markers and race plates:

For the lites race you will follow these green makers to navigate the course.

9 stage Main Enduro Course Markers:

For the Main race you will follow these Red makers to navigate the course.

9 Stage Main Enduro Course Maps:


Race Schedule:

Friday 5th Aug

13:00 Camping/Parking open

14:00 Track walk (Optional)

Saturday 6th Aug

08:00 Camping/Parking open

08:30 Racers sign-on open

09:45 Riders Briefing at the race village.

10:00 Start of practice

15:30 End of practice

15:30 till 19:30 Race Seeding Run

Sunday 7th Aug

08:00 Parking open

08:30 Start of 4 stage Lite Enduro

08:30 Start of 9 stage Enduro

12:00 End of 4 stage Lite Enduro

13:00 Podiums 4 stage Lite Enduro (Top 3 from each Category)

14:00 Podiums 9 stage (Ebikes) Enduro (Top 3 from each Category)

14:15 Podiums  (Ebikes) BNES Series Winners (Top 3 from each Category)

15:45 End of 9 stage Enduro

16:15 Podiums 9 stage Enduro (Top 3 from each Category)

16:30 Podiums BNES Series Winners (Top 3 from each Category)

Monday 8th Aug

11:00 Camping field Closed


Entertainment and food schedule:

Friday 5th Aug

13:00 Camping/Parking open

14:00 to 19:00  Food & Drink: Coffee, Cakes, Toasties

16:00 to 20:00  Bar & Pub snacks

Saturday 6th Aug

08:00 Camping/Day Parking open

08:30 to 12:00 Food & Drink: Coffee & breakfast baps

09:00 to 19:00  Food & Drink: Cakes, Toasties, Ice creams, sweet treats & BBQ.

12:00 to 23:00 Bar & Pub snacks

TBC Live MTB world champs coverage

18:00 till 20:00 DJ set

20:00 till 22:00 Live Band

22:00 till 23:00 DJ set

Sunday 7th Aug

08:00 Day Parking open

08:30 to 12:00 Food & Drink: Coffee & breakfast baps

09:00 to 18:00  Food & Drink: Cakes, Toasties, Ice creams, sweet treats & BBQ.

12:00 to 18:00 Bar & Pub snacks

TBC Live MTB world champs coverage

Monday 8th Aug

11:00 Camping field Closed


YT Rolling Circus Bike Demos:

YT Industries will be offering the full Rolling Circus experience at the Southern Enduro Champs in Minehead – the best place to try out our bikes whilst kicking back for a drink afterwards.

YT are running a range of JEFFSY (All Mountain), CAPRA (Enduro), DECOY (Ebike), demo bikes.




Event Arena Layout:


Camping and Parking layout:


Team Pits layout:


9 stage Preliminary Rider numbers and Saturday Seeding run times:

updated: 27th July 2023

No.NameCategorySeeding time
1Sian standenEbike Female15:30:00
2Isabella wagstaffEbike Female15:30:20
3Tom BeckerEbike Female15:30:40
4rene stentEbike Female15:31:00
5Lindsay HanelyEbike Female15:31:20
6Yasmin ThorpeEbike Female15:31:40
7Joanna foxEbike Female15:32:00
8Amelia MatthewsEbike Female15:32:20
9Hannah CockleEbike Female15:32:40
10Alexia DesileEbike Female15:33:00
11Matthew GrovesEbike Male15:33:20
12Mark CarpenterEbike Male15:33:40
13Marc BullEbike Male15:34:00
14Guy RobertsEbike Male15:34:20
15Jacob TowlerEbike Male15:34:40
16Ben SmithEbike Male15:35:00
17luke brooksEbike Male15:35:20
18Marcus LloydEbike Male15:35:40
19Casey HollowayEbike Male15:36:00
20James StewartEbike Male15:36:20
21Callum PlattsEbike Male15:36:40
22Daniel ThorneEbike Male15:37:00
23Jack macklinEbike Male15:37:20
24Valentino JonesEbike Male15:37:40
25Russell wardEbike Male15:38:00
26jack beckersonEbike Male15:38:20
27Jon CredicottEbike Male15:38:40
28Ben UmfrevilleEbike Male15:39:00
29Callum DarbyshireEbike Male15:39:20
30Travis Diwell-WilsonEbike Male15:39:40
31David hastingsEbike Male15:40:00
32Daniel wagstaffEbike Male15:40:20
33Adam smytheEbike Male15:40:40
34Richard TuckerEbike Male15:41:00
35Andrew NealEbike Male15:41:20
36Don HoweEbike Male15:41:40
37Sam HughesEbike Male15:42:00
38Matthew DellEbike Male15:42:20
39Dan HoleEbike Male15:42:40
40Chris ryanEbike Male15:43:00
41Chris DoneyEbike Male15:43:20
42Michael MaidenEbike Male15:43:40
43Sam HayesEbike Male15:44:00
44Jay JohnsonEbike Male15:44:20
45Matthew roeEbike Male15:44:40
46Tom ThainEbike Male15:45:00
47Glen HewittEbike Male15:45:20
48Jamie HarrisEbike Male15:45:40
49Chris OwenEbike Male15:46:00
50Darren RedfernEbike Male15:46:20
51Rob BunningEbike Male15:46:40
52Damien TUTTONEbike Male15:47:00
53robert storrEbike Male  60+15:47:20
54paul kingstonEbike Male  60+15:47:40
55Aaron daecheEbike Male 40-4915:48:00
56Stuart MeaneyEbike Male 40-4915:48:20
57Massimo AmodeoEbike Male 40-4915:48:40
58Gareth jacksonEbike Male 40-4915:49:00
59Timothy WorsleyEbike Male 40-4915:49:20
60Liam GorvinEbike Male 40-4915:49:40
61Mike RodgersEbike Male 40-4915:50:00
62TimMatthewsEbike Male 40-4915:50:20
63Marc WillisEbike Male 40-4915:50:40
64Tim ClarkEbike Male 40-4915:51:00
65Nick MockEbike Male 40-4915:51:20
66James CawdellEbike Male 40-4915:51:40
67Richie RichEbike Male 40-4915:52:00
68Barry perrottEbike Male 40-4915:52:20
69Robert NewmanEbike Male 40-4915:52:40
70Robert WanlessEbike Male 40-4915:53:00
71Dan SouthEbike Male 40-4915:53:20
72Ian KonesEbike Male 40-4915:53:40
73James TretheweyEbike Male 40-4915:54:00
74Martin TrumanEbike Male 40-4915:54:20
75Harry HotstonEbike Male 40-4915:54:40
76Dave WhittakerEbike Male 40-4915:55:00
77Jonathan BroughtonEbike Male 40-4915:55:20
78Dominic MorganEbike Male 40-4915:55:40
79Foz WillisEbike Male 40-4915:56:00
80Mr Lee KermodeEbike Male 40-4915:56:20
81Mark BakerEbike Male 40-4915:56:40
82Dominic nichollsEbike Male 50-5915:57:00
83Warwick SmithEbike Male 50-5915:57:20
84Aidan WoollastonEbike Male 50-5915:57:40
85Neil ClarkeEbike Male 50-5915:58:00
86Martyn SladerEbike Male 50-5915:58:20
87perry meetenEbike Male 50-5915:58:40
88Richard BruntlettEbike Male 50-5915:59:00
89Dean HaydonEbike Male 50-5915:59:20
90Mark HackerEbike Male 50-5915:59:40
91Jon TarrEbike Male 50-5916:00:00
92Simon CoventryEbike Male 50-5916:00:20
93Bradley BriggsEbike Male 50-5916:00:40
94Nigel LewisEbike Male 50-5916:01:00
95Marcus jonesEbike Male 50-5916:01:20
96Geoff WalkerEbike Male 50-5916:01:40
97JamesEbike Male 50-5916:02:00
98Jim BuchananEbike Male 50-5916:02:20
99Keith WilsonEbike Male 50-5916:02:40
100Andy ClarkeEbike Male 50-5916:03:00
101Anna LongFemale 35+16:03:20
102Kate JoyceFemale 35+16:03:40
103Judy WilkesFemale 35+16:04:00
104Sarah FarrellFemale 35+16:04:20
105Sarah MorganFemale 35+16:04:40
106Amy JonesFemale 35+16:05:00
107Charlotte plattFemale 35+16:05:20
108Liz BloomfieldFemale 35+16:05:40
109Gemma LismoreFemale 35+16:06:00
110Becky CookFemale 35+16:06:20
111Julie NorthamFemale 45+16:06:40
112Jane davidsonFemale 45+16:07:00
113Jo TuckerFemale 45+16:07:20
114Anne-Marie SummerfieldFemale 45+16:07:40
115fiona mccormickFemale 45+16:08:00
116Renee DiwellFemale 45+16:08:20
117Mari MasonFemale 45+16:08:40
118Samantha HewittFemale Seniors 21-3416:09:00
119Teresa Kerry MoloneyFemale Seniors 21-3416:09:20
120Sophie SkipperFemale Seniors 21-3416:09:40
121Claire ElworthyFemale Seniors 21-3416:10:00
122Jessica GreenhalghFemale Seniors 21-3416:10:20
123Nicola l BennettFemale Seniors 21-3416:10:40
124Bryony PaulFemale Seniors 21-3416:11:00
125Francie ArthurFemale Seniors 21-3416:11:20
126Mary lynesFemale Seniors 21-3416:11:40
127George SwiftFemale Seniors 21-3416:12:00
128Megan-Thalia GiblinFemale Seniors 21-3416:12:20
129Molly JamesFemale Seniors 21-3416:12:40
130Rhiannon GunnerFemale Seniors 21-3416:13:00
131Emily SmithFemale Seniors 21-3416:13:20
132Sapphire AscroftFemale U2116:13:40
133Poppy LoomesFemale U2116:14:00
134Hâf LandFemale U2116:14:20
135Hollie VayroFemale U2116:14:40
136Eme CoshFemale U2116:15:00
137Emily AshwoodFemale U2116:15:20
138Clio OrmsbyFemale Under 1616:15:40
139Molly LaneFemale Under 1616:16:00
140Lolie murphyFemale Under 1616:16:20
141Anna LaneFemale Under 1616:16:40
142Don RigbyHardtails16:17:00
143Alex QuintrellHardtails16:17:20
144Daniel AscottHardtails16:17:40
145Timothy LeeHardtails16:18:00
146Wayne PorterHardtails16:18:20
147Stef GoodmanHardtails16:18:40
148Jordan WilliamsHardtails16:19:00
149Drew BarrittHardtails16:19:20
150Ben IronsHardtails16:19:40
151Ben BattHardtails16:20:00
152Ian AtkinsonHardtails16:20:20
153Mike SmithHardtails16:20:40
154Ed welshHardtails16:21:00
155Tomasz MichalkaHardtails16:21:20
156Graham SheldonHardtails16:21:40
157Mr. Josh OsborneHardtails16:22:00
158Peter de WitMale Fun16:22:20
159Ashley WhelanMale Fun16:22:40
160Jonathan PriceMale Fun16:23:00
161Andy grieveMale Grand Veterans 60+16:23:20
162Paul BaguleyMale Grand Veterans 60+16:23:40
163Paul JacobsMale Grand Veterans 60+16:24:00
164Mark DoughtyMale Grand Veterans 60+16:24:20
165David GurnseyMale Grand Veterans 60+16:24:40
166Simon ClemasMale Masters 30-3916:25:00
167kevin mannMale Masters 30-3916:25:20
168Chris RiceMale Masters 30-3916:25:40
169Anthony ParkMale Masters 30-3916:26:00
170Andrew NorthwayMale Masters 30-3916:26:20
171Mez Eldridge-TullMale Masters 30-3916:26:40
172Jack WatsonMale Masters 30-3916:27:00
173Phillip HawkerMale Masters 30-3916:27:20
174Matthew HamiltonMale Masters 30-3916:27:40
175Sangam GurungMale Masters 30-3916:28:00
176Munesh GhaleMale Masters 30-3916:28:20
177Stefan PienkowskiMale Masters 30-3916:28:40
178Simon P ChaineyMale Masters 30-3916:29:00
179Ed ThomasMale Masters 30-3916:29:20
180Owen TownsendMale Masters 30-3916:29:40
181Katie PrattMale Masters 30-3916:30:00
182Simon McclureyMale Masters 30-3916:30:20
183Mikey JennerMale Masters 30-3916:30:40
184Nathanael LucasMale Masters 30-3916:31:00
185Jason DuffyMale Masters 30-3916:31:20
186Simon O’HoraMale Masters 30-3916:31:40
187Dean NashMale Masters 30-3916:32:00
188Robert PalmerMale Masters 30-3916:32:20
189Iain SmithMale Masters 30-3916:32:40
190adam DAWEMale Masters 30-3916:33:00
191Jack petersMale Masters 30-3916:33:20
192Josh Parkin-jonesMale Masters 30-3916:33:40
193Rob MayesMale Masters 30-3916:34:00
194David BloomfieldMale Masters 30-3916:34:20
195Jamie JonesMale Masters 30-3916:34:40
196Terry ParkesMale Masters 30-3916:35:00
197Marley ClarkMale Masters 30-3916:35:20
198Bradley BeetsMale Masters 30-3916:35:40
199simon humphriesMale Masters 30-3916:36:00
200Damon AllisonMale Masters 30-3916:36:20
201Chris BaberMale Masters 30-3916:36:40
202Jim HollandMale Masters 30-3916:37:00
203Ashley de LotzMale Masters 30-3916:37:20
204Timothy FlemingMale Masters 30-3916:37:40
205Gavin MillingtonMale Masters 30-3916:38:00
206Matt mcleanMale Masters 30-3916:38:20
207Rob PassmoreMale Masters 30-3916:38:40
208TonTon BangeroMale Masters 30-3916:39:00
209Josh RogersMale Masters 30-3916:39:20
210Richard FordMale Masters 30-3916:39:40
211Samuel BrotherwoodMale Masters 30-3916:40:00
212Tom MarvinMale Masters 30-3916:40:20
213Alastair PriceMale Masters 30-3916:40:40
214David lyleMale Masters 30-3916:41:00
215marc willsMale Masters 30-3916:41:20
216Nick JonesMale Masters 30-3916:41:40
217Adam SemmensMale Masters 30-3916:42:00
218Tom MyresMale Masters 30-3916:42:20
219Ian RawlinsMale Masters 30-3916:42:40
220Miles HillMale Masters 30-3916:43:00
221Jack BensonMale Masters 30-3916:43:20
222Shaun LutherMale Masters 30-3916:43:40
223Danny FennellMale Masters 30-3916:44:00
224Christopher HumphreysMale Masters 30-3916:44:20
225Anthony scraceMale Masters 30-3916:44:40
226Luke GregoryMale Masters 30-3916:45:00
227Charlton AlabastroMale Masters 30-3916:45:20
228Dan JonesMale Masters 30-3916:45:40
229sherjung kandangwaMale Masters 30-3916:46:00
230Marc EddonMale Masters 30-3916:46:20
231Will CopseyMale Masters 30-3916:46:40
232Steven ReddingMale Masters 30-3916:47:00
233James KnightMale Masters 30-3916:47:20
234Matt DouthwaiteMale Masters 30-3916:47:40
235Marc WhaleMale Masters 30-3916:48:00
236Stuart McCarthyMale Masters 30-3916:48:20
237Paul LovellMale Masters 30-3916:48:40
238Neal AbbottMale Masters 30-3916:49:00
239Craig HartleyMale Masters 30-3916:49:20
240Guy NevisonMale Masters 30-3916:49:40
241Michael ChristouMale Masters 30-3916:50:00
242Ian burkinshawMale Masters 30-3916:50:20
243Thomas abelMale Masters 30-3916:50:40
244Matthew AirtonMale Masters 30-3916:51:00
245Chris EdmundsMale Masters 30-3916:51:20
246Thomas GoodallMale Masters 30-3916:51:40
247Joshua ColeMale Masters 30-3916:52:00
248James HollinsMale Masters 30-3916:52:20
249Oli WatkinsMale Masters 30-3916:52:40
250bradley wilsonMale Masters 30-3916:53:00
251Mark ShackletonMale Masters 30-3916:53:20
252Brett GrindleMale Masters 30-3916:53:40
253Nathan ETHERIDGEMale Masters 30-3916:54:00
254Grenville ParkerMale Masters 30-3916:54:20
255Benjamin PantingMale Masters 30-3916:54:40
256Brett StablerMale Masters 30-3916:55:00
257Nathan WoodMale Masters 30-3916:55:20
258Lawrence JonesMale Masters 30-3916:55:40
259Nick WoodMale Masters 30-3916:56:00
260Nick phillipsMale Masters 30-3916:56:20
261James hinchliffeMale Masters 30-3916:56:40
262Ifan evansMale Masters 30-3916:57:00
263Philip SimpsonMale Masters 30-3916:57:20
264Greg TaylorMale Masters 30-3916:57:40
265Ricky GrahamMale Masters 30-3916:58:00
266Simon WardMale Masters 30-3916:58:20
267Ash mullaneMale Masters 30-3916:58:40
268James ScottMale Masters 30-3916:59:00
269Matthew SessionsMale Masters 30-3916:59:20
270Henry JamesMale Masters 30-3916:59:40
271Laurence McCormickMale Masters 30-3917:00:00
272Brett LangdonMale Masters 30-3917:00:20
273Ross ClarkMale Masters 30-3917:00:40
274Luke EggarMale Masters 30-3917:01:00
275Will RowlandsMale Masters 30-3917:01:20
276Simon WakelyMale Masters 30-3917:01:40
277Damian GrovesMale Masters 30-3917:02:00
278Chris CockrillMale Masters 30-3917:02:20
279Joe BarnesMale Masters 30-3917:02:40
280Adam MorganMale Masters 30-3917:03:00
281Ben bakerMale Masters 30-3917:03:20
282Sam ShucksmithMale Masters 30-3917:03:40
283Stephen FennerMale Masters 30-3917:04:00
284Andrew WeedingMale Masters 30-3917:04:20
285Andrew LochheadMale Masters 30-3917:04:40
286Reece LanghornMale Masters 30-3917:05:00
287Steve SwanMale Masters 30-3917:05:20
288Lloyd WoolacottMale Masters 30-3917:05:40
289Tom StanleyMale Masters 30-3917:06:00
290James GreenMale Masters 30-3917:06:20
291Mr Ben NashMale Masters 30-3917:06:40
292Karl welshMale Masters 30-3917:07:00
293Steven BaldockMale Masters 30-3917:07:20
294Gavin WilkieMale Masters 30-3917:07:40
295Matt WelchMale Masters 30-3917:08:00
296Gareth BezantMale Masters 30-3917:08:20
297Kevin CookMale Masters 30-3917:08:40
298Carl MansellMale Masters 30-3917:09:00
299Richard ThomasMale Masters 30-3917:09:20
300Ben MarksMale Masters 30-3917:09:40
301Christopher GallagherMale Masters 30-3917:10:00
302Sam pringMale Seniors 21-2917:10:20
303Mr Lewis B DaviesMale Seniors 21-2917:10:40
304Sam DillMale Seniors 21-2917:11:00
305Joseph woollastonMale Seniors 21-2917:11:20
306Cameron youngMale Seniors 21-2917:11:40
307Jonny CummingsMale Seniors 21-2917:12:00
308Liam HerdMale Seniors 21-2917:12:20
309Henri RompfMale Seniors 21-2917:12:40
310Jimmy BreretonMale Seniors 21-2917:13:00
311Noah MumtazMale Seniors 21-2917:13:20
312suraj thapa magarMale Seniors 21-2917:13:40
313Andrew PettyMale Seniors 21-2917:14:00
314Lewis MerrillMale Seniors 21-2917:14:20
315Liam NallyMale Seniors 21-2917:14:40
316Andrew BeadleMale Seniors 21-2917:15:00
317Alex SpringallMale Seniors 21-2917:15:20
318Tom ChambersMale Seniors 21-2917:15:40
319Rufus Blake GoodmanMale Seniors 21-2917:16:00
320Michael BusbyMale Seniors 21-2917:16:20
321Harry SlaterMale Seniors 21-2917:16:40
322Jonathan CotterMale Seniors 21-2917:17:00
323Ben RichardsMale Seniors 21-2917:17:20
324Corey BaleMale Seniors 21-2917:17:40
325Tobi BrewerMale Seniors 21-2917:18:00
326Louis DuvergeMale Seniors 21-2917:18:20
327Archie Coulsey-BelgeonneMale Seniors 21-2917:18:40
328James SkanMale Seniors 21-2917:19:00
329Matt GrovesMale Seniors 21-2917:19:20
330Ben ShawMale Seniors 21-2917:19:40
331Rob FrithMale Seniors 21-2917:20:00
332Zac MichaelidesMale Seniors 21-2917:20:20
333Kelan McDermottMale Seniors 21-2917:20:40
334Matt MildonMale Seniors 21-2917:21:00
335Toby AnscombMale Seniors 21-2917:21:20
336Charlie CurrieMale Seniors 21-2917:21:40
337Frazer buckinghamMale Seniors 21-2917:22:00
338Ben PottsMale Seniors 21-2917:22:20
339Tristan DaviesMale Seniors 21-2917:22:40
340Sam RiccardMale Seniors 21-2917:23:00
341Max McveighMale Seniors 21-2917:23:20
342Thomas HoultMale Seniors 21-2917:23:40
343Lewis partridgeMale Seniors 21-2917:24:00
344Frank SmithMale Seniors 21-2917:24:20
345Rob BowditchMale Seniors 21-2917:24:40
346Callum BruceMale Seniors 21-2917:25:00
347Vijon ranaMale Seniors 21-2917:25:20
348Lewis BirdMale Seniors 21-2917:25:40
349Rhys PegoraroMale Seniors 21-2917:26:00
350Robert nijhuisMale Seniors 21-2917:26:20
351Oliver BroadhurstMale Seniors 21-2917:26:40
352Christian cowleyMale Seniors 21-2917:27:00
353Sam DyerMale Seniors 21-2917:27:20
354Jacob  DobsonMale Seniors 21-2917:27:40
355Alex ShawMale Seniors 21-2917:28:00
356Ben JonesMale Seniors 21-2917:28:20
357Ethan KingMale Seniors 21-2917:28:40
358McKinley Loxton-ReadMale Seniors 21-2917:29:00
359Craig murphyMale Seniors 21-2917:29:20
360Declan marsdenMale Seniors 21-2917:29:40
361Justin WrightMale Seniors 21-2917:30:00
362Jordan WadeMale Seniors 21-2917:30:20
363Alex WardMale Seniors 21-2917:30:40
364Ollie KidnerMale Seniors 21-2917:31:00
365Thomas SmithMale Seniors 21-2917:31:20
366Archie ClarkeMale Seniors 21-2917:31:20
367Conor ConwayMale Seniors 21-2917:32:00
368Liam MercerMale Seniors 21-2917:32:20
369Jay WilliamsonMale Seniors 21-2917:32:40
370George BakerMale Seniors 21-2917:33:00
371Alex TarrMale Seniors 21-2917:33:20
372Luke WilliamsMale Seniors 21-2917:33:40
373Ross InmanMale Seniors 21-2917:34:00
374Callen roaneMale Seniors 21-2917:34:20
375Henrik JensenMale Seniors 21-2917:34:40
376Myles JamesMale Seniors 21-2917:35:00
377Joey Do RegoMale Seniors 21-2917:35:20
378Nyle CresswellMale Seniors 21-2917:35:40
379Charlie RiccardMale Seniors 21-2917:36:00
380Laurie ArthurMale Seniors 21-2917:36:20
381Lewis RangerMale Seniors 21-2917:36:40
382Aaron GordonMale Seniors 21-2917:37:00
383Billy SpiceMale Seniors 21-2917:37:20
384Freddy birchillMale Seniors 21-2917:37:40
385Scott DaviesMale Seniors 21-2917:38:00
386Ronan WhiteMale Seniors 21-2917:38:20
387owen sherriffMale Seniors 21-2917:38:40
388Hugh WoolacottMale Seniors 21-2917:39:00
389RabinMale Seniors 21-2917:39:20
390Harvey RollasonMale Seniors 21-2917:39:40
391Archie clarkMale Seniors 21-2917:40:00
392Jake PurcellMale Seniors 21-2917:40:20
393Conrad ClarkeMale Seniors 21-2917:40:40
394Dan ClarkMale Seniors 21-2917:41:00
395Freddie ThomsonMale Seniors 21-2917:41:20
396Harry GriffithsMale Seniors 21-2917:41:40
397Josh LoweMale Seniors 21-2917:42:00
398Riley ScottMale Seniors 21-2917:42:20
399Lariue ArthurMale Seniors 21-2917:42:40
400Ruairidh McRitchieMale Seniors 21-2917:43:00
401Andy HawkinsMale Super Veterans 50-5917:43:20
402Andrew LeachMale Super Veterans 50-5917:43:40
403jason clunieMale Super Veterans 50-5917:44:00
404Paul GillettMale Super Veterans 50-5917:44:20
405Delroy chambersMale Super Veterans 50-5917:44:40
406Tom CoventryMale Super Veterans 50-5917:45:00
407Dave weaverMale Super Veterans 50-5917:45:20
408Roger CoatesMale Super Veterans 50-5917:45:40
409Darren ArchibaldMale Super Veterans 50-5917:46:00
410Neil BassMale Super Veterans 50-5917:46:20
411Torben CookMale Super Veterans 50-5917:46:40
412Andy WeddellMale Super Veterans 50-5917:47:00
413David AllenMale Super Veterans 50-5917:47:20
414Stuart InmanMale Super Veterans 50-5917:47:40
415Stephen AldridgeMale Super Veterans 50-5917:48:00
416Neil CookeMale Super Veterans 50-5917:48:20
417stephen wilkinsonMale Super Veterans 50-5917:48:40
418Stuart CatfordMale Super Veterans 50-5917:49:00
419Michael ChiversMale Super Veterans 50-5917:49:20
420jason frenchMale Super Veterans 50-5917:49:40
421Paul HuntMale Super Veterans 50-5917:50:00
422Neil KempMale Super Veterans 50-5917:50:20
423Chris SchroderMale Super Veterans 50-5917:50:40
424Dean CanfieldMale Super Veterans 50-5917:51:00
425Martin JordanMale Super Veterans 50-5917:51:20
426Ashley NewberyMale Super Veterans 50-5917:51:40
427MattMale Super Veterans 50-5917:52:00
428Steve GoodeMale Super Veterans 50-5917:52:20
429Andrew MephamMale Super Veterans 50-5917:52:40
430Philip ClaytonMale Super Veterans 50-5917:53:00
431Andy SadlerMale Super Veterans 50-5917:53:20
432Julian AbleyMale Super Veterans 50-5917:53:40
433Ben LeachMale Super Veterans 50-5917:54:00
434Jamie CurrieMale Super Veterans 50-5917:54:20
435Dan BishopMale Super Veterans 50-5917:54:40
436Tim PetersMale Super Veterans 50-5917:55:00
437Stephen hardyMale Super Veterans 50-5917:55:20
438Elliot HaighMale U1317:55:40
439Bryce masonMale U1317:56:00
440Bruce oliverMale U1317:56:20
441Woody ClaytonMale U1317:56:40
442Edward FerneleyMale U1317:57:00
443Harry FraserMale U1517:57:20
444Oscar SercombeMale U1517:57:40
445Leo MoretonMale U1517:58:00
446Rafael DomjanMale U1517:58:20
447Jake paulMale U1517:58:40
448Theo EllisMale U1517:59:00
449Oskar Billington-VernonMale U1517:59:20
450Charlie PoulterMale U1517:59:40
451Josh UnderwoodMale U1518:00:00
452William MoseleyMale U1518:00:20
453Liam WallisMale U1518:00:40
454Louis WallisMale U1518:01:00
455Edan GurnseyMale U1518:01:20
456Joe CarpenterMale U1518:01:40
457luke richardsonMale U1818:02:00
458Callum MoretonMale U1818:02:20
459Ben StoryMale U1818:02:40
460Sam norburnMale U1818:03:00
461Jack StokesMale U1818:03:20
462Jonathan YoungMale U1818:03:40
463Rhys ButcherMale U1818:04:00
464Patrick Mark SwiftMale U1818:04:20
465Oliver JonesMale U1818:04:40
466Daniel BoynsMale U1818:05:00
467Bert DunneMale U1818:05:20
468Declan SproatMale U1818:05:40
469Lloyd griffiths-JonesMale U1818:06:00
470Max ChuggMale U1818:06:20
471Luke ReederMale U1818:06:40
472Samuel BatchelorMale U1818:07:00
473Leo grieveMale U1818:07:20
474Albert rigbyMale U1818:07:40
475Jak AddisonMale U1818:08:00
476James CrossmanMale U1818:08:20
477Thomas WhiteleyMale U1818:08:40
478Peter CarpenterMale U1818:09:00
479Todd BuchananMale U1818:09:20
480Toby MurphyMale U1818:09:40
481Charlie BakerMale U1818:10:00
482Lachlan MacfieMale U1818:10:20
483Ben WhiteMale U1818:10:40
484George CawdellMale U1818:11:00
485James WeeksMale U1818:11:20
486Haris MEIKLEMale U1818:11:40
487Oliver WhiteMale U1818:12:00
488Harry SymesMale U1818:12:20
489Stanley TaylorMale U1818:12:40
490Nathan Diwell-WilsonMale U1818:13:00
491Henry TimewellMale U1818:13:20
492Jasper CarrMale U1818:13:40
493Fin WoodliffeMale U1818:14:00
494Cole JacksonMale U1818:14:20
495Tom NewallMale U1818:14:40
496Oli PoulterMale U1818:15:00
497Sam OrmsbyMale U1818:15:20
498Isaac BattyMale U1818:15:40
499Bill PughMale U1818:16:00
500Jacob TaylorMale U2118:16:20
501Luke GoodallMale U2118:16:40
502Bryn AppletonMale U2118:17:00
503Charles HartMale U2118:17:20
504Shane WindridgeMale U2118:17:40
505Harry ReederMale U2118:18:00
506Sam RawlingsMale U2118:18:20
507William TomsMale U2118:18:40
508William counsellMale U2118:19:00
509Joel PymanMale U2118:19:20
510Patrick RidgeMale U2118:19:40
511Sam MeetenMale U2118:20:00
512Charles CrossleyMale U2118:20:20
513Oli GrayMale U2118:20:40
514Harry HicksMale U2118:21:00
515Nate RobinsonMale U2118:21:20
516Patrick LearMale U2118:21:40
517James McDouallMale U2118:22:00
518Oliver AllenMale U2118:22:20
519Jacob mccanneyMale U2118:22:40
520William woodMale U2118:23:00
521Sam StorrMale U2118:23:20
522harvey gameMale U2118:23:40
523Luke ShawMale U2118:24:00
524Henry CreaseMale U2118:24:20
525Deron HarbisonMale U2118:24:40
526sam clunieMale U2118:25:00
527Jasper JohnsonMale U2118:25:20
528Tor RichardsonMale U2118:25:40
529Joe VarndellMale U2118:26:00
530Owen BlackmoreMale U2118:26:20
531Mark VincentMale Veterans 40-4918:26:40
532Simon cookMale Veterans 40-4918:27:00
533Mark BeckettMale Veterans 40-4918:27:20
534Paul DomjanMale Veterans 40-4918:27:40
535Jim SmallMale Veterans 40-4918:28:00
536Kieron HowardMale Veterans 40-4918:28:20
537david thompsonMale Veterans 40-4918:28:40
538Alex stallwoodMale Veterans 40-4918:29:00
539Spencer BuckinghamMale Veterans 40-4918:29:20
540Szabolcs JakoMale Veterans 40-4918:29:40
541Simon fallowsMale Veterans 40-4918:30:00
542Carl PerryMale Veterans 40-4918:30:20
543Christian WillsonMale Veterans 40-4918:30:40
544Steve longmireMale Veterans 40-4918:31:00
545James Clifford-CoxMale Veterans 40-4918:31:20
546Dan MurphyMale Veterans 40-4918:31:40
547rob stallardMale Veterans 40-4918:32:00
548Aaron HarperMale Veterans 40-4918:32:20
549Simon Shirley-SmithMale Veterans 40-4918:32:40
550Scott MarsdenMale Veterans 40-4918:33:00
551James DuncanMale Veterans 40-4918:33:20
552jason gidneyMale Veterans 40-4918:33:40
553Leigh ColesMale Veterans 40-4918:34:00
554Ben HetheringtonMale Veterans 40-4918:34:20
555Andrew limbrickMale Veterans 40-4918:34:40
556Mike KearleyMale Veterans 40-4918:35:00
557Gareth ForrestMale Veterans 40-4918:35:20
558Will MilesMale Veterans 40-4918:35:40
559Bradley MuntonMale Veterans 40-4918:36:00
560David WalkerMale Veterans 40-4918:36:20
561Matt ColeMale Veterans 40-4918:36:40
562James DalzielMale Veterans 40-4918:37:00
563Dominic RoweMale Veterans 40-4918:37:20
564Dave GrayMale Veterans 40-4918:37:40
565james martinMale Veterans 40-4918:38:00
566Chris LewisMale Veterans 40-4918:38:20
567James MorganMale Veterans 40-4918:38:40
568Peter MoyseMale Veterans 40-4918:39:00
569Lee BattyMale Veterans 40-4918:39:20
570Richard WarmingtonMale Veterans 40-4918:39:40
571Mathew pewseyMale Veterans 40-4918:40:00
572Jon HodsonMale Veterans 40-4918:40:20
573Alan RichardsonMale Veterans 40-4918:40:40
574Christopher Stuart BlakeyMale Veterans 40-4918:41:00
575Martin PeakMale Veterans 40-4918:41:20
576Eifion RichardsMale Veterans 40-4918:41:40
577ben corneliusMale Veterans 40-4918:42:00
578Stuart BreretonMale Veterans 40-4918:42:20
579Kevin John PorttMale Veterans 40-4918:42:40
580Garry BellMale Veterans 40-4918:43:00
581Steve McCulleyMale Veterans 40-4918:43:20
582Linden FarrowMale Veterans 40-4918:43:40
583Ross HaringtonMale Veterans 40-4918:44:00
584Ryan DeanMale Veterans 40-4918:44:20
585Wayne DyerMale Veterans 40-4918:44:40
586Darrell WatererMale Veterans 40-4918:45:00
587Joe ManzMale Veterans 40-4918:45:20
588Mark BrooksMale Veterans 40-4918:45:40
589Michael WilliamsMale Veterans 40-4918:46:00
590Greg WylieMale Veterans 40-4918:46:20
591Dan BevisMale Veterans 40-4918:46:40
592Richard DuckworthMale Veterans 40-4918:47:00
593Jesse StapleMale Veterans 40-4918:47:20
594Andy RobertsMale Veterans 40-4918:47:40
595Oliver MedcalfMale Veterans 40-4918:48:00
596Neal RusselMale Veterans 40-4918:48:20
597David VallerMale Veterans 40-4918:48:40
598Paul MackieMale Veterans 40-4918:49:00
599Aidan bishopMale Veterans 40-4918:49:20
600Jason PuzeyMale Veterans 40-4918:49:40
601craig mcdonaldMale Veterans 40-4918:49:40
602Andy LloydMale Veterans 40-4918:49:40
603Peter RichardsonMale Veterans 40-4918:49:40
604Ian AustermuhleMale Veterans 40-4918:49:40
605sean robinsonMale Veterans 40-4918:49:40
606Andy LewisMale Veterans 40-4918:49:40
607Brian CooneyMale Veterans 40-4918:49:40
608Ben PlengeMale Veterans 40-4918:49:40
609JOE FINNEYMale Veterans 40-4918:49:40
610Ed MoseleyMale Veterans 40-4918:49:40
611Joe BishopMale Veterans 40-4918:49:40
612Dan farrerMale Veterans 40-4918:49:40
613Duncan FerrisMale Veterans 40-4918:49:40
614Bradly IllingworthMale Veterans 40-4918:49:40
615Giles AustingMale Veterans 40-4918:49:40
616Adam FieldsendMale Veterans 40-4918:49:40
617Lukasz WielebaMale Veterans 40-4918:49:40
618Matt LakinMale Veterans 40-4918:49:40

4 Stage Preliminary Rider numbers Sunday Start times :

updated: 27th July 2023

NameCategorySunday start time
700Matthew LinegarEbike Ebike 40+08:30:00
701Rob FlavellEbike Ebike 40+08:30:20
702Brian HeywardEbike Ebike 40+08:30:40
703Darren GreenerEbike Ebike 40+08:31:00
704DARREN CURTISEbike Ebike 40+08:31:20
705Billy ClewsEbike Female08:31:40
706matty kingstonEbike Male08:32:00
707Adam HarrisEbike Male08:32:20
708Zack ManleyEbike Male08:32:40
709James EllisEbike Male08:33:00
710Thomas HoneMale Ebike08:33:20
711George ThomasEbike Male08:33:40
712Nick AngraveEbike Male08:34:00
713Manveet DhaliwalFemale 21+08:34:20
714Sam VarndellFemale 21+08:34:40
715Alice GrundyFemale 21+08:35:00
716Shawnee FinlaysonFemale 21+08:35:20
717Rebecca  StottFemale 21+08:35:40
718Kirsten LangridgeFemale 21+08:36:00
719Bethany HopeFemale Fun08:36:20
720Kate SmithFemale Fun08:36:40
721Lola PooleFemale Fun08:37:00
722Poppy Scott-LawsonFemale Fun08:37:20
723Ellie LOOSEFemale U2108:37:40
724Thomas PerryHardtails08:38:00
725David McGlynnHardtails08:38:20
726Matthew CarpenterHardtails08:38:40
727Josh RowlandsMale Fun08:39:00
728Ian HayesMale Fun08:39:20
729Josh MurrayMale Fun08:39:40
730Ben AdamsMale Fun08:40:00
731Chris SmithMale Fun08:40:20
732Stephen Couch-FinnemoreMale Grand Veterans 60+ **08:40:40
733John ScandoneMale Grand Veterans 60+ **08:41:00
734Lucas MilneMale Masters 30-3908:41:20
735Jack BurgessMale Masters 30-3908:41:40
736Tony ElgarMale Masters 30-3908:42:00
737Christian williamsMale Masters 30-3908:42:20
738Jason SouthamMale Masters 30-3908:42:40
739Daniel CoxMale Masters 30-3908:43:00
740Stuart HiltonMale Masters 30-3908:43:20
741Tom GrayshonMale Masters 30-3908:43:40
742Will RawlinsMale Masters 30-3908:44:00
743James FinnemoreMale Masters 30-3908:44:20
744Matt SinclairMale Masters 30-3908:44:40
745Shaun grillsMale Masters 30-3908:45:00
746Josh SimpsonMale Masters 30-3908:45:20
747Adam TreadwellMale Masters 30-3908:45:40
748Ryan CoxMale Masters 30-3908:46:00
749Rory ForceMale Masters 30-3908:46:20
750Deneys BothaMale Masters 30-3908:46:40
751James HyneMale Masters 30-3908:47:00
752Jamie mitchelmoreMale Masters 30-3908:47:20
753Samuel WilsonMale Seniors 21-2908:47:40
754Mitchell SmartMale Seniors 21-2908:48:00
755sam andrewsMale Seniors 21-2908:48:20
756Adam CaunterMale Seniors 21-2908:48:40
757Ben GaitMale Seniors 21-2908:49:00
758Jack CorbinMale Seniors 21-2908:49:20
759Oscar DrydenMale Seniors 21-2908:49:40
760Josh ToudupMale Seniors 21-2908:50:00
761Taylor EdenMale Seniors 21-2908:50:20
762Callum HarrisMale Seniors 21-2908:50:40
763Perry ReedMale Seniors 21-2908:51:00
764Nick WelshMale Super Veterans 50-5908:51:20
765Andy WhiteMale Super Veterans 50-5908:51:40
766Andy LooseMale Super Veterans 50-5908:52:00
767Simon MilesMale Super Veterans 50-5908:52:20
768Dylan  MeredithMale U1308:52:40
769Charlie LinegarMale U1308:53:00
770Murphy DanielsMale U1308:53:20
771Michael MyramMale U1308:53:40
772Jacob ColesMale U1308:54:00
773Harry BeckerMale U1308:54:20
774Ben MilesMale U1308:54:40
775Samuel CookeMale U1508:55:00
776Rory LangridgeMale U1508:55:20
777Jake HolmanMale U1508:55:40
778Oliver HolmanMale U1508:56:00
779Jack Oliver WinsladeMale U1508:56:20
780Harvey tunnellMale U1508:56:40
781Robert MyramMale U1508:57:00
782Jed WherlockMale U1808:57:20
783Toby VarndellMale U1808:57:40
784Jasper CarrMale U1808:58:00
785Jack NeameMale U1808:58:20
786Alfie BroomMale U1808:58:40
787James PriceMale U1808:59:00
788Thomas WrightMale U1808:59:20
789Toby GrindleMale U1808:59:40
790Jamie SmithMale U1809:00:00
791Justin LockMale U1809:00:20
792Alexander whiteMale U1809:00:40
793Lloyd Griffiths-JonesMale U1809:01:00
794Mason WicksMale U1809:01:20
795Will Richards-PalmerMale U1809:01:40
796Jake BetteyMale U2109:02:00
797Luke MasonMale U2109:02:20
798Cam tysonMale U2109:02:40
799Harry BoxerMale U2109:03:00
800Chris CatlinMale U2109:03:20
801David thompsonMale Veterans 40-4909:03:40
802Gary EdmendsMale Veterans 40-4909:04:00
803Andy CoxMale Veterans 40-4909:04:20
804Lewis SturgeonMale Veterans 40-4909:04:40
805andrew carterMale Veterans 40-4909:05:00
806Howard DanielsMale Veterans 40-4909:05:20
807James OrrenMale Veterans 40-4909:05:40