Preliminary Start list – YT Southern Enduro Champs 5th-7th Aug 2022

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Start list for the YT Southern Enduro Champs 5th-7th Aug 2022

UPDATE 28/07/22   13:30

Main Race (7 Stages)
No.NameCategorySaturday Seeding Time
1Jacob TowlerEbike male16:15:00
2Liam SmithEbike male16:15:30
3Casey HollowayEbike male16:16:00
4Callum PlattsEbike male16:16:30
5craig callowEbike male16:17:00
6paul bruntEbike male16:17:30
7Matthew WyattEbike male16:18:00
8Damien TuttonEbike male16:18:30
9David PearseEbike male16:19:00
10Jay JohnsonEbike male16:19:30
11Edward ArmstrongEbike male16:20:00
12Adam WIghtEbike male16:20:30
13Ben UmfrevilleEbike male16:21:00
14George KeirEbike male16:21:30
15Adam EllardEbike male16:22:00
16Daniel ThorneEbike male16:22:30
17Jake Van Der VeenEbike male16:23:00
18Richard tuckerEbike male16:23:30
19Peter CrookesEbike male16:24:00
20Ash mullaneEbike male16:24:30
21Richard LewisEbike male Super vets 50+16:25:00
22Darren ArchibaldEbike male Super vets 50+16:25:30
23Adrian CoomberEbike male Super vets 50+16:26:00
24James CawtherayEbike male Super vets 50+16:26:30
25Morgan HansonEbike male Super vets 50+16:27:00
26Andy PearseEbike male Super vets 50+16:27:30
27Pete AnthoneyEbike male Super vets 50+16:28:00
28Geoff WalkerEbike male Super vets 50+16:28:30
29James DaviesEbike male Super vets 50+16:29:00
30Nigel JohnEbike male Super vets 50+16:29:30
31Steve MonkEbike male Super vets 50+16:30:00
32Brad BriggsEbike male Super vets 50+16:30:30
33Nathan NoyeEbike male Super vets 50+16:31:00
34Keith wilsonEbike male Super vets 50+16:31:30
35Laurence NewlandEbike male vets 40+16:32:00
36John charlesEbike male vets 40+16:32:30
37Steve EthertonEbike male vets 40+16:33:00
38Tim clarkEbike male vets 40+16:33:30
39Richard middletonEbike male vets 40+16:34:00
40Tim WorsleyEbike male vets 40+16:34:30
41Kevin SextonEbike male vets 40+16:35:00
42Craig MacklinEbike male vets 40+16:35:30
43Simon CoventryEbike malevets 40+16:36:00
44John DavisEbike male vets 40+16:36:30
45Grant RobertsEbike male vets 40+16:37:00
46Mark BakerEbike male vets 40+16:37:30
47Ian MilesEbike male vets 40+16:38:00
48Foz WillisEbike male vets 40+16:38:30
49James BullockEbike male vets 40+16:39:00
50Stuart HowardEbike male vets 40+16:39:30
51Rick LewendonEbike male vets 40+16:40:00
52Lindsay HAnleyEbike female16:40:30
53Alexia DesileEbike female16:41:00
54Joanne LewendonEbike female16:41:30
55Hannah Wilson-RuddEbike female16:42:00
56Rene StentEbike female16:42:30
57Laura RobinsonMaster female age 30-3916:43:00
58Alice BowenMaster female age 30-3916:43:30
59Katie PrattMaster female age 30-3916:44:00
60Kamella cloughMaster female age 30-3916:44:30
61suzanne laceyMaster female age 30-3916:45:00
62Hester SmithMaster female age 30-3916:45:30
63Cleo SmithMaster female age 30-3916:46:00
64Martin PeakMaster female age 30-3916:46:30
65Kirsty TwelftreeMaster female age 30-3916:47:00
66claire elworthySenior female age 18-2916:47:30
67Leanne ReddishSenior female age 18-2916:48:00
68Rebecca RickmanSenior female age 18-2916:48:30
69Daisy Harper BrownSenior female age 18-2916:49:00
70Teresa MoloneySenior female age 18-2916:49:30
71Sophie SkipperSenior female age 18-2916:50:00
72Molly JamesSenior female age 18-2916:50:30
73Emma woodSenior female age 18-2916:51:00
74Bex WilliamsSenior female age 18-2916:51:30
75Thomas NewallU18s female – year of 14th, 15th, 16th or 17th birthday.16:52:00
76Emma PooleVeteran female age 40+16:52:30
77Jo TuckerVeteran female age 40+16:53:00
78fiona mccormickVeteran female age 40+16:53:30
79Amy JonesVeteran female age 40+16:54:00
80Renee DiwellVeteran female age 40+16:54:30
81Rachael WightFemale elite16:55:00
82katy  curdFemale elite16:55:30
83Katie WakelyFemale elite16:56:00
84Rachel ManningFemale elite16:56:30
85Emily AshwoodFemale elite16:57:00
86David GurnseyGrand Veteran male age 60+16:57:30
87Shane DarwoodGrand Veteran male age 60+16:58:00
88Daniel AscottHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid16:58:30
89John MortimerHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid16:59:00
90Zac MichaelidesHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid16:59:30
91Alex StevensHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid17:00:00
92Josh Longhurst-GentHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid17:00:30
93Matthew AustinHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid17:01:00
94Drew BarrittHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid17:01:30
95Fraser JonesHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid17:02:00
96Mike smithHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid17:02:30
97Chris HortonHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid17:03:00
98Matt WelchHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid17:03:30
99Stephen PrestonHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid17:04:00
100Brad PerryHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid17:04:30
101Oliver AllenHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid17:05:00
102Tom dunnHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid17:05:30
103Oliver RowleyMaster male age 30-3917:06:00
104Jim MooreMaster male age 30-3917:06:30
105James FahyMaster male age 30-3917:07:00
106Callum Reece AllisonMaster male age 30-3917:07:30
107Mr Simon P ChaineyMaster male age 30-3917:08:00
108Dan winterMaster male age 30-3917:08:30
109Jon credicottMaster male age 30-3917:09:00
110Tomonori MatsushitaMaster male age 30-3917:09:30
111Ed LawrenzMaster male age 30-3917:10:00
112Kai GrundyMaster male age 30-3917:10:30
113Daniel KingdonMaster male age 30-3917:11:00
114James RichardsMaster male age 30-3917:11:30
115Phillip HawkerMaster male age 30-3917:12:00
116Paul LovellMaster male age 30-3917:12:30
117Harry BensonMaster male age 30-3917:13:00
118Danny WoodMaster male age 30-3917:13:30
119Edward ThomasMaster male age 30-3917:14:00
120Jason duffyMaster male age 30-3917:14:30
121Ric TristramMaster male age 30-3917:15:00
122Nicholas ColeMaster male age 30-3917:15:30
123Paul WoottonMaster male age 30-3917:16:00
124Max TurnerMaster male age 30-3917:16:30
125Peter MoyseMaster male age 30-3917:17:00
126mike stricklandMaster male age 30-3917:17:30
127Gary HayterMaster male age 30-3917:18:00
128Samuel Mark BrotherwoodMaster male age 30-3917:18:30
129Anthony scraceMaster male age 30-3917:19:00
130Josh Parkin-jonesMaster male age 30-3917:19:30
131Ian RawlinsMaster male age 30-3917:20:00
132James DalzielMaster male age 30-3917:20:30
133steve swanMaster male age 30-3917:21:00
134Miles hillMaster male age 30-3917:21:30
135Nick WoodMaster male age 30-3917:22:00
136Christopher LynchMaster male age 30-3917:22:30
137George RickmanMaster male age 30-3917:23:00
138James KnightMaster male age 30-3917:23:30
139Matthew AirtonMaster male age 30-3917:24:00
140Mark BurbidgeMaster male age 30-3917:24:30
141Ian BurkinshawMaster male age 30-3917:25:00
142Nathan McCormickMaster male age 30-3917:25:30
143Damon AllisonMaster male age 30-3917:26:00
144Owen TownsendMaster male age 30-3917:26:30
145Aaron DurhamMaster male age 30-3917:27:00
146Matt WattersonMaster male age 30-3917:27:30
147Richie RichMaster male age 30-3917:28:00
148Jacob MannMaster male age 30-3917:28:30
149Iain SmithMaster male age 30-3917:29:00
150Valgard BertschlingerMaster male age 30-3917:29:30
151Michael Harvey-BrowneMaster male age 30-3917:30:00
152Jamie JonesMaster male age 30-3917:30:30
153Alex RawcliffeMaster male age 30-3917:31:00
154Jon CousinsMaster male age 30-3917:31:30
155laurence mccormickMaster male age 30-3917:32:00
156adam DAWEMaster male age 30-3917:32:30
157Fergus BettsMaster male age 30-3917:33:00
158Joshua coleMaster male age 30-3917:33:30
159William EvansMaster male age 30-3917:34:00
160Benjamin PantingMaster male age 30-3917:34:30
161Tom SilveyMaster male age 30-3917:35:00
162Marc EddonMaster male age 30-3917:35:30
163Nathan WoodMaster male age 30-3917:36:00
164Jack PetersMaster male age 30-3917:36:30
165Paul wallisMaster male age 30-3917:37:00
166Sam MocockMaster male age 30-3917:37:30
167James HippersonMaster male age 30-3917:38:00
168Tom StanleyMaster male age 30-3917:38:30
169Pablo GutierrezMaster male age 30-3917:39:00
170Dominic jonesMaster male age 30-3917:39:30
171Nick PhillipsMaster male age 30-3917:40:00
172Ifan EvansMaster male age 30-3917:40:30
173Neil FreestoneMaster male age 30-3917:41:00
174Dean GibbonsMaster male age 30-3917:41:30
175Matt SinclairMaster male age 30-3917:42:00
176Josh HarveyMaster male age 30-3917:42:30
177Brad sheehanMaster male age 30-3917:43:00
178Ben MarksMaster male age 30-3917:43:30
179David VallerMaster male age 30-3917:44:00
180Andrew WeedingMaster male age 30-3917:44:30
181Richard EdeMaster male age 30-3917:45:00
182Callum CorbinMaster male age 30-3917:45:30
183Ross ClarkMaster male age 30-3917:46:00
184Simon BelsonMaster male age 30-3917:46:30
185Liam MasonMaster male age 30-3917:47:00
186Adam DearMaster male age 30-3917:47:30
187Peter RewMaster male age 30-3917:48:00
188jack beckersonMaster male age 30-3917:48:30
189Jack NoyMaster male age 30-3917:49:00
190Jonathan PriceMaster male age 30-3917:49:30
191Ben BakerMaster male age 30-3917:50:00
192Richard ThomasMaster male age 30-3917:50:30
193Mikey JennerMaster male age 30-3917:51:00
194Sam yeomansSenior male age 18-2917:51:30
195Keiran IonsSenior male age 18-2917:52:00
196Matthew KingSenior male age 18-2917:52:30
197Sam GregorySenior male age 18-2917:53:00
198Lewis DelaneySenior male age 18-2917:53:30
199Ben sollySenior male age 18-2917:54:00
200Bardolph kerrSenior male age 18-2917:54:30
201Archie Coulsey-BelgeonneSenior male age 18-2917:55:00
202Corey BaleSenior male age 18-2917:55:30
203Liam MercerSenior male age 18-2917:56:00
204Robbie CooperSenior male age 18-2917:56:30
205Matt GrovesSenior male age 18-2917:57:00
206Nicholas EarleySenior male age 18-2917:57:30
207Tom HoultSenior male age 18-2917:58:00
208Greg JardineSenior male age 18-2917:58:30
209William TomsSenior male age 18-2917:59:00
210sam clunieSenior male age 18-2917:59:30
211Sam DyerSenior male age 18-2918:00:00
212Daniel BladenSenior male age 18-2918:00:30
213Valentino JonesSenior male age 18-2918:01:00
214Joe PearceSenior male age 18-2918:01:30
215Ben JonesSenior male age 18-2918:02:00
216Matt CoateSenior male age 18-2918:02:30
217Rob FrithSenior male age 18-2918:03:00
218Billy SpiceSenior male age 18-2918:03:30
219Elliot DownesSenior male age 18-2918:04:00
220McKinley Loxton-ReadSenior male age 18-2918:04:30
221Jordan WadeSenior male age 18-2918:05:00
222William ScottSenior male age 18-2918:05:30
223Freddy BirchillSenior male age 18-2918:06:00
224Ben VangasseSenior male age 18-2918:06:30
225Laurie ArthurSenior male age 18-2918:07:00
226Will EaseySenior male age 18-2918:07:30
227James DartSenior male age 18-2918:08:00
228Reuben GwilliamSenior male age 18-2918:08:30
229Mike BOYLESSenior male age 18-2918:09:00
230Calvin JarmanSenior male age 18-2918:09:30
231Ross InmanSenior male age 18-2918:10:00
232Archie ClarkeSenior male age 18-2918:10:30
233Archie HunterSenior male age 18-2918:11:00
234Josh munnSenior male age 18-2918:11:30
235Joey Do RegoSenior male age 18-2918:12:00
236Tyler PollingtonSenior male age 18-2918:12:30
237Harry gambleSenior male age 18-2918:13:00
238Deron HarbisonSenior male age 18-2918:13:30
239James FordSenior male age 18-2918:14:00
240James McDouallSenior male age 18-2918:14:30
241William woodSenior male age 18-2918:15:00
242Jake PurcellSenior male age 18-2918:15:30
243Michael MaidenSenior male age 18-2918:16:00
244alex tarrSenior male age 18-2918:16:30
245Andrew LeachSupers Veteran male age 50+18:17:00
246jason frenchSupers Veteran male age 50+18:17:30
247Jamie CurrieSupers Veteran male age 50+18:18:00
248Stuart inmanSupers Veteran male age 50+18:18:30
249Darren ArmstrongSupers Veteran male age 50+18:19:00
250Torben CookSupers Veteran male age 50+18:19:30
251Neil BassSupers Veteran male age 50+18:20:00
252Richard BruntlettSupers Veteran male age 50+18:20:30
253Michael ChiversSupers Veteran male age 50+18:21:00
254Dean canfieldSupers Veteran male age 50+18:21:30
255Martin JordanSupers Veteran male age 50+18:22:00
256Gary JenningsSupers Veteran male age 50+18:22:30
257Carl Fitz-GeraldSupers Veteran male age 50+18:23:00
258John CoxSupers Veteran male age 50+18:23:30
259Philip ClaytonSupers Veteran male age 50+18:24:00
260Noel ToogoodSupers Veteran male age 50+18:24:30
261Chris SchroderSupers Veteran male age 50+18:25:00
262Stuart CatfordSupers Veteran male age 50+18:25:30
263Chris McNabSupers Veteran male age 50+18:26:00
264Nick ButlerSupers Veteran male age 50+18:26:30
265Eddie MckennaSupers Veteran male age 50+18:27:00
266Paul BroadrickSupers Veteran male age 50+18:27:30
267Ian SandersSupers Veteran male age 50+18:28:00
268Jonathan TarrSupers Veteran male age 50+18:28:30
269Liam wallisU14s male – year of 10th, 11th, 12th or 13th birthday.18:29:00
270Alfie- Joel LewendonU14s male – year of 10th, 11th, 12th or 13th birthday.18:29:30
271Woody ClaytonU14s male – year of 10th, 11th, 12th or 13th birthday.18:30:00
272Toby  VarndellU14s male – year of 10th, 11th, 12th or 13th birthday.18:30:30
273Josh UnderwoodU14s male – year of 10th, 11th, 12th or 13th birthday.18:31:00
274Joe CarpenterU14s male – year of 10th, 11th, 12th or 13th birthday.18:31:30
275Louis wallisU14s male – year of 10th, 11th, 12th or 13th birthday.18:32:00
276Nick EthertonU14s male – year of 10th, 11th, 12th or 13th birthday.18:32:30
277Joe ManzU14s male – year of 10th, 11th, 12th or 13th birthday.18:33:00
278Jake pinnellU14s male – year of 10th, 11th, 12th or 13th birthday.18:33:30
279Finley JacksonU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.18:34:00
280JonathanU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.18:34:30
281Seb BristowU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.18:35:00
282Leo grieveU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.18:35:30
283Rhys ButcherU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.18:36:00
284Alex WhiteU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.18:36:30
285Ben WhiteU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.18:37:00
286Oliver WhiteU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.18:37:30
287Finlay WoodliffeU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.18:38:00
288James CrossmanU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.18:38:30
289Haris MEIKLEU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.18:39:00
290Finlay EynonU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.18:39:30
291Thomas HawkinsU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.18:40:00
292Oliver WhiteU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.18:40:30
293peter carpenterU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.18:41:00
294Lockie MannU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.18:41:30
295Eddie RaggU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.18:42:00
296Afonso Da SilvaU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.18:42:30
297Jasper CarrU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.18:43:00
298Harry SymesU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.18:43:30
299Euan LithgowU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.18:44:00
300Owen BlackmoreU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.18:44:30
301Luke runnallsU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.18:45:00
302Ethan BushU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.18:45:30
303Chris CatlinU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.18:46:00
304Cam TysonU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.18:46:30
305Eddie RaggU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.18:47:00
306Charles  CrossleyU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.18:47:30
307Ben StoryU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.18:48:00
308Joel PymanU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.18:48:30
309Patrick LearU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.18:49:00
310Joseph  VarndellU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.18:49:30
311Tor RichardsonU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.18:50:00
312Miles smithU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.18:50:30
313Jacob HortonU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.18:51:00
314Matthew fletcherVeteran male age 40-4918:51:30
315Stephan KingVeteran male age 40-4918:52:00
316James MorganVeteran male age 40-4918:52:30
317Nathan McCormickVeteran male age 40-4918:53:00
318Laurence McCormickVeteran male age 40-4918:53:30
319Steve LongmireVeteran male age 40-4918:54:00
320Daniel IngramVeteran male age 40-4918:54:30
321John Wilson-RiddVeteran male age 40-4918:55:00
322ANDY WEDDELLVeteran male age 40-4918:55:30
323James QuantockVeteran male age 40-4918:56:00
324Brian CooneyVeteran male age 40-4918:56:30
325Scott MarsdenVeteran male age 40-4918:57:00
326Chris OConnellVeteran male age 40-4918:57:30
327Nick gouldVeteran male age 40-4918:58:00
328Eifion RichardsVeteran male age 40-4918:58:30
329Szabolcs JakoVeteran male age 40-4918:59:00
330Ben SmithVeteran male age 40-4918:59:30
331Dominic RoweVeteran male age 40-4919:00:00
332Jesse stapleVeteran male age 40-4919:00:30
333BARRYVeteran male age 40-4919:01:00
334James Clifford-CoxVeteran male age 40-4919:01:30
335Lee DaviesVeteran male age 40-4919:02:00
336Andrew LimbrickVeteran male age 40-4919:02:30
337Alex stallwoodVeteran male age 40-4919:03:00
338Graham fergusVeteran male age 40-4919:03:30
339Graham FergusVeteran male age 40-4919:04:00
340paul KnappVeteran male age 40-4919:04:30
341Steven holroydVeteran male age 40-4919:05:00
342ROBERT TOBINVeteran male age 40-4919:05:30
343Dean HaydonVeteran male age 40-4919:06:00
344Gavin SebastianVeteran male age 40-4919:06:30
345Mathew pewseyVeteran male age 40-4919:07:00
346Mark BrooksVeteran male age 40-4919:07:30
347Paul smallboneVeteran male age 40-4919:08:00
348Wayne DyerVeteran male age 40-4919:08:30
349Jason GidneyVeteran male age 40-4919:09:00
350Neil CousinsVeteran male age 40-4919:09:30
351Oliver MedcalfVeteran male age 40-4919:10:00
352Matthew CoxheadVeteran male age 40-4919:10:30
353Adam  DeweyVeteran male age 40-4919:11:00
354Michael WilliamsVeteran male age 40-4919:11:30
355Greg WylieVeteran male age 40-4919:12:00
356Neal RusselVeteran male age 40-4919:12:30
357Paul HuntVeteran male age 40-4919:13:00
358Paul ByromVeteran male age 40-4919:13:30
359Steel is real RiderVeteran male age 40-4919:14:00
360Ben LeachVeteran male age 40-4919:14:30
361Stu hughesVeteran male age 40-4919:15:00
362James DuncanVeteran male age 40-4919:15:30
363Ben LeachVeteran male age 40-4919:16:00
364Matthew De VillanuevaVeteran male age 40-4919:16:30
365Robert TwitchellVeteran male age 40-4919:17:00
366Chris BlakeyVeteran male age 40-4919:17:30
367Rob CooksleyVeteran male age 40-4919:18:00
368GilesVeteran male age 40-4919:18:30
369Nico WeiderVeteran male age 40-4919:19:00
370Russell BaldwinVeteran male age 40-4919:19:30
371Martin MerrellVeteran male age 40-4919:20:00
372Paul hanksVeteran male age 40-4919:20:30
373Chris BlackmoreVeteran male age 40-4919:21:00
374Chris ArcherVeteran male age 40-4919:21:30
375Dan BevisVeteran male age 40-4919:22:00
376William IrvineElite male age 18+19:22:30
377Connor MilnElite male age 18+19:23:00
378Hugh WoolacottElite male age 18+19:23:30
379Sam ParkmanElite male age 18+19:24:00
380Massimo AmodeoElite male age 18+19:24:30
381Daniel MayesElite male age 18+19:25:00
382Matt ClarkElite male age 18+19:25:30
383karl welshElite male age 18+19:26:00
384Greg BerryElite male age 18+19:26:30
385Rob PassmoreElite male age 18+19:27:00
386Wiktor MichnoElite male age 18+19:27:30
387Rik BarrattElite male age 18+19:28:00
388Lloyd WoolacottElite male age 18+19:28:30
389Josh LoweElite male age 18+19:29:00
390Ross HancockElite male age 18+19:29:30
391James crispElite male age 18+19:30:00
392Scott TheobaldElite male age 18+19:30:30
393Aaron  GordonElite male age 18+19:31:00
394sam shucksmithElite male age 18+19:31:30
395Henry CreaseElite male age 18+19:32:00
396Jasper JohnsonElite male age 18+19:32:30
397Lewis RangerElite male age 18+19:33:00
398Adam MorganElite male age 18+19:33:30
399Jack LearElite male age 18+19:34:00
Lite Race (5 stages)
No.NameCategorySaturday Seeding Time
1James StewartEbike male15:30:00
2Lewis pearsonEbike male15:30:20
3matty kingstonEbike male15:30:40
4Erin LinneyEbike male15:31:00
5Tom CoventryEbike male Super vets 50+15:31:20
6Nigel LewisEbike male Super vets 50+15:31:40
7paul kingstonEbike male Super vets 50+15:32:00
8John PlantEbike male Super vets 50+15:32:20
9Mark JeffreyEbike male vets 40+15:32:40
10Mike RodgersEbike male vets 40+15:33:00
11Oliver MckennaEbike male vets 40+15:33:20
12Jane DavidsonEbike female15:33:40
13Becky EvansMaster female age 30-3915:34:00
14Lottie EynonU14s female – year of 10th, 11th, 12th or 13th birthday15:34:20
15Poppy LoomesU18s female – year of 14th, 15th, 16th or 17th birthday.15:34:40
16Emily RuddU18s female – year of 14th, 15th, 16th or 17th birthday.15:35:00
17Antonia ReuscherFun Female age 18+15:35:20
18Poppy Scott-LawsonFun Female age 18+15:35:40
19Ali AlhusniFun male age 18+15:36:00
20Mark PalmerFun male age 18+15:36:20
21kev kittsFun male age 18+15:36:40
22Jim SmallFun male age 18+15:37:00
23Ryan JemmottFun male age 18+15:37:20
24Nick TideswellFun male age 18+15:37:40
25Toby GuestFun male age 18+15:38:00
26martin williamsFun male age 18+15:38:20
27Tom HockingFun male age 18+15:38:40
28Daniel smithFun male age 18+15:39:00
29David smithFun male age 18+15:39:20
30Guy SellwoodFun male age 18+15:39:40
31Andrew SpringerFun male age 18+15:40:00
32Phil NeillFun male age 18+15:40:20
33Ian HayesFun male age 18+15:40:40
34Simon fallowsFun male age 18+15:41:00
35John RobertsGrand Veteran male age 60+15:41:20
36David SykesGrand Veteran male age 60+15:41:40
37Stephen ThomasGrand Veteran male age 60+15:42:00
38Ben IronsHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid15:42:20
39Lee mellettHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid15:42:40
40emanuele mazzaHardtails age 18+ including Fat bikes and fully rigid15:43:00
41jim cosseyMaster male age 30-3815:43:20
42Fabio AntonciniMaster male age 30-3915:43:40
43Joe SeddonMaster male age 30-3915:44:00
44Elliot GibbonsMaster male age 30-3915:44:20
45Brett LangdonMaster male age 30-3915:44:40
46Lewis partridgeSenior male age 18-2915:45:00
47Lewis merrillSenior male age 18-2915:45:20
48thomas bakerSenior male age 18-2915:45:40
49liam nallySenior male age 18-2915:46:00
50Frank SmithSenior male age 18-2915:46:20
51James HarrisonSenior male age 18-2915:46:40
52Aidan WoollastonSupers Veteran male age 50+15:47:00
53David CoombsSupers Veteran male age 50+15:47:20
54Warwick SmithEbike male Super vets 50+15:47:40
55John DaleSupers Veteran male age 50+15:48:00
56Dean DcarfeSupers Veteran male age 50+15:48:20
57Matthew StephensSupers Veteran male age 50+15:48:40
58Tim PetersSupers Veteran male age 50+15:49:00
59jason clunieSupers Veteran male age 50+15:49:20
60Bruce OliverU14s male – year of 10th, 11th, 12th or 13th birthday.15:49:40
61Edan GurnseyU14s male – year of 10th, 11th, 12th or 13th birthday.15:50:00
62Toby  VarndellU14s male – year of 10th, 11th, 12th or 13th birthday.15:50:20
63Alfie BroomU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.15:50:40
64Oscar DaweU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.15:51:00
65Alexander Charles WhiteU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.15:51:20
66Joshua NormanU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.15:51:40
67Thomas WrightU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.15:52:00
68Mikey NashU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.15:52:20
69Freddie BedwellU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.15:52:40
70montgomery walkerU16s male – year of 14th or 15th birthday.15:53:00
71Finley GreenU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.15:53:20
72Wolfetone kellyU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.15:53:40
73Jacob coxU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.15:54:00
74Essien ArnoldU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.15:54:20
75Russell wardU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.15:54:40
76Alex BeaumontU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.15:55:00
77Ben GrieveU18s male – year of 16th or 17th birthday.15:55:20
78Robert BluettVeteran male age 40-4915:55:40
79Pete smithVeteran male age 40-4915:56:00
80Gary EdmendsVeteran male age 40-4915:56:20
81Mike Strutting-FoxVeteran male age 40-4915:56:40
82Andrew CarterVeteran male age 40-4915:57:00
83James OrrenVeteran male age 40-4915:57:20
84Stephen cattVeteran male age 40-4915:57:40
85Allan EvansVeteran male age 40-4915:58:00