YT Southern Enduro Champs 5th-7th Aug 2022 – Riders Briefing and Seeding times

Please read this riders briefing in full, it has all the information you need for the weekend.


Event address A39, Porlock Road, Minehead TA24 8SR

What 3 Words location:

7 Stage Main Enduro Race (Black Grade skill level)

Route stats: 20km & 1000m elevation gain.

This race is aimed at intermediate and Advanced riders.

There are some new trails for 2022 these are on private land and are steep & rocky.

Trail maps are later in the briefing.

Track walk Friday, Open Practice Saturday on all stages, Saturday seeding stage and Race Sunday. See Schedule for timings.


5 Stage Lite Enduro Race (Red Grade skill level)

Route stats: 8km & 600m elevation gain

This race is aimed at intermediate riders

Rooty and loamy trails on private land.

Trail maps are later in the briefing.

Track walk Friday, Open Practice Saturday on all stages, Saturday seeding stage and Race Sunday. See Schedule for timings.


What’s included with both races:

Free Camping Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Free for spectators.

Free Parking for all.

Full marked out route with Course map.

Free YT Rolling Circus Demo’s Friday (afternoon), Saturday & Sunday, more information below.

Posh loos and large event arena.

Accessible porta loos.

Bar and lots of food vendor options (See arena area plan), these will be open on Saturday and Sunday, also the pizza guy will be there on Friday night too.

Band and DJ Saturday evening. See Schedule for timings for more info.

Kids Zone – a chill out area for families with some outdoor games to play and colouring. This is in the main arena area. Children must be supervised at all times.

Kids Skills trail – Thanks to our friends at Minehead Merlins for running this, so bring your kids bikes too, this is free and next to the kids zone.


Some Race rules reminders:

No re-runs for mechanicals or crashes.

No derestricted E-bikes.

No assisting other riders to the top of the hills with E-bikes.

No shuttling allowed between stages on Saturday or Sunday.

All riders must start in their categories and at the race village not their cars or the top of the hill.

Only trails in the Lite Race or on Map1 of the main race can be track walked on Friday.

Full rules HERE


General Site Rules:

There will be no access to the site before Friday 5th Aug 13:00, this is private land and we want to be able to use this venue for years to come. Just to repeat this is PRIVATE LAND.

Parking – Listen to instructions from the parking marshal.

No fires!!! the grass is really dry and we need to be very careful.

BBQs to be raised off the floor and away from the grass.



– Saturday morning go to sign on Marquee and sign in and get your number
board via the one-way system.

– Then get your timing chip from the Action Sports timing tent.

– At 09:45 Saturday there will be a riders briefing to go over extra details,

-After the riders briefing practice will begin, Its open practice and stages can be ridden in any order as may time as you would like.

-Practice will end when seeding runs begin (see schedule and start list for seeding times)

– Your seeding start time will be from the race village. Stay in number order when heading up to the top of the seeing run.

– Your seeding time counts as part of your overall time.

– This will conclude riding for the day, enjoy the bar and Live music.

– Seeded start times will be posted locally near the marquee Saturday evening.

-Sunday morning please come to the race village at your seeded start time, you will be required to rider through the start arch in the  race village.

– The Lites race will be off first and will rider 4 stages in number order.

– Then the main race will be off and will ride 6 stages in number order, The exception to this is the E-bikes the have an extra E-bike only stage (See map).

– Caution when crossing the A39 look both way and only cross when safe to do so (See map)

-After both races have finished please hand in you timing chips as soon as possible.

– There will be a prize giving for both races (See Schedule)

Seeding times: 


5 stage Lite Enduro Course Map:

5 stage Lite Enduro Course Markers:

For the lites race you will follow these green makers to navigate the course.

7 stage Main Enduro Course Markers:

For the Main race you will follow these Red makers to navigate the course.

7 Stage Main Enduro Course Maps:



Friday 5th Aug

13:00 Camping/Parking open

14:00 Track walk (Optional)

Saturday 6th Aug

08:00 Camping/Parking open

08:30 Racers sign-on open

09:45 Riders Briefing at the race village.

09:30 Start of practice

15:00 End of practice

15:30 till 19:30 Race Seeding Run

18:00 till 20:00 DJ set

20:00 till 22:00 Live Band

22:00 till 23:00 DJ set

Sunday 7th Aug

08:00 Parking open

09:30 Start of 5 stage Lite Enduro

10:30 Start of 7 stage Enduro

13:00 End of 5 stage Lite Enduro

14:00 Podiums 5 stage Lite Enduro

15:30 End of 7 stage Enduro

16:00 Podiums 7 stage Enduro

Monday 8th Aug

11:00 Camping field Closed


YT Rolling Circus Bike Demos:

YT Industries will be offering the full Rolling Circus experience at the Southern Enduro Champs in Minehead – the best place to try out our bikes whilst kicking back for a drink afterwards.

YT are running a range of JEFFSY (All Mountain), CAPRA (Enduro), DECOY (Ebike), demo bikes.

Please book a demo here:



Event Arena Layout:

Camping and Parking layout: